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  1. Great news! Thank you I hope you can build the Chinese version or support all the language like kernelEx9x.
  2. hi win2000, Thank you for the new release of the kernel32.dll . Now the boot problem and PPLIVE can run as well but QQ still can not use ?????? I actually do not know what is the matter with me ??????
  3. hi win2000, I didn't check dialog 'Ez KD Registry' because I install KDW with the full mode but "QQ" can run in the original 2K without the KDW and now can not run with KDW installed. I also find a programme "PPLive" didn't run properly.(http://www.xdowns.com/soft/softdown.asp?softid=22231)
  4. Hi win2000, Thanks to your contribute to the chinese editon of the windows media player 10 but when i installed the kdw in my chinese 2k the speed of the start was too slow and the program "QQ" (http://dl-sh-ocn-1.pchome.net/0g/2w/QQ2008KB3.rar)did not run as well. Maybe somewrong with it ?
  5. Simplified Chinese PS:Welcome to Beijing Welcome to China:)
  6. Very well down guys~It is a perfect job ~but whether you can make an international version for all win2k such as Chinese

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