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  1. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    For the NVATABUS.CAT I was wrong I thought, I misunderstood how the WHQL certication works. I thought that the .CAT wasn't linked to a file but that a XYZ.CAT was used for the XYZ.SYS file. But NVATA.SYS and NVATABUS.SYS are 100% identical. So if a NVATABUS.CAT had existed it will be the same as NVATA.CAT. The IDE remix (I've a little updated it since) could work from nF1 to nF4. I've tested it on nF3 250Gb & nF4 Ultra. It seems that the legacy folder can be a problem sometimes. I don't tested it on textmode.
  2. FAQ | Which driver for my nForce 2 NIC?

    The INF file from the /Ethernet/PreNRM folder. This drivers is only contained in ForceWare 5.10 / 5.11 package.
  3. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    I think the best thing is to copy de /IDE/WinXP/sata_ide/nvata.cat to /IDE/WinXP/sataraid/nvatabus.cat As the nvata.sys and nvatabus.sys seems to be the same file, the WHQL certificate of the former could work for the latter. http://mei.planet-d.net/nf_ide_622.rar here is my 6.22 IDE folder already "patched" ... If anyone want to test.
  4. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    My current NVIDIA drivers pack contains : This nForce Win2K/XP driver package contains the below components: * Taken from many original nForce packages by NVIDIA (SATA_IDE INF was modified from scratch by me) Audio utility version 4.51 Ethernet NRM driver version 5.09 (WHQL) Network management tools version 5.09 SMBus driver version 4.50 (WHQL) Installer version 4.93 Win2K IDE SATARAID driver version 6.22 (WHQL) Win2K IDE SATA_IDE driver version 6.22 (WHQL) Win2K RAIDTOOL application version 6.22 WinXP IDE SATARAID driver version 6.22 (WHQL) WinXP IDE SATA_IDE driver version 6.22 (WHQL) WinXP RAIDTOOL application version 6.22 * Added from leaked nForce beta packages Audio driver version 4.64 (WHQL) GART driver version 4.40 (WHQL) Memory controller driver version 4.40 (WHQL) * Added from original ForceWare beta package by NVIDIA Display driver (ForceWare) version 81.87 I tested it on NVIDIA nForce3 250Gb and NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra. The IDE/Legacy folder is currently not needed, but I think without it PATA RAID couldn't work. The latest Ethernet NRM 50.09 is not included because it doesn't seems to work. Perhaps it works only on nForce 410/430 southbridge.
  5. Nero 6.6: Keep it simple

    The real good solution is to make a NSIS LZMA-compressed installation that extract the install files and run the setup silently... It is the best solution in order to save place when you have all the 4 package + language translation to install.
  6. There is no chance for the catalyst But for the ForceWare, use the 61.76 WHQL, as the non WHQL don't work (windows keeps default driver)
  7. SAV 9 - Symantec AntiVirus 9.0

    Actually, I've used the informations contained in the MSI_FAQ.txt in order to have a silent Installation, but it crashes with error... I have to recheck my commandline. A patch exists for SAV9, but it is in .MSP format, so I don't now how to install it. Maybe we can slipstream it... I need help for this Here is the link : http://www.symantec.com/techsupp/enterpris..._9.0/files.html For the virus definition, simple download the lastest Symantec Security Responce Intelligent Updater and run it with the /Q- switch. (downland the x86 and not the i32 version) Here is the link : http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcen...s.download.html
  8. Add MUISetup in XPCREATE

    I think you can use a repackaging with NSIS, which is free... It will take time to write the NSIS script, but it can be a solution if any other simplier technique isn't working.
  9. I don't known this switch... But for me it's easier, because I wanted to create shortcut and that I'm using a French Windows... So I prefer have associations described in French.
  10. I have made and installation for Media Player Classic which support silent installation... This install create program group, and association MPC with these files extensions : AAC/AC3/AVI/BIK/DTS/LPCM/M1V/MPG/MPEG/MKA/MKV/MP4/OGM/SMK ... more will come if you ask... Actually it is only in French, but if I have some requests for a US version I'll made it. Here is the link : http://mei.planet-d.net/mpc/mpc_6482a_fr_2kxp.exe