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  1. I want data from an excel file(g:\recordsheet.xls) to be imported into a Datagrid using VB.nwt windows application. I use the following code got from net, but after running the program the datagrid remains blank . What to do?? -------------------------- Imports System.Data.OleDb Private Sub form1_load() Dim con As OleDbConnection Dim da As OleDbDataAdapter Dim ds As DataSet Try con = New OleDbConnection("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;data source=g:\recordsheet.xls;Extended Properties=Excel 8.0") con.Open() da = New OleDbDataAdapter("select * from [sheet1$]", con) da.TableMappings.Add("Table", "Details") da.Fill(ds) DataGrid1.DataSource = ds.Tables(0).DefaultView DataGrid1.AlternatingBackColor = Color.Yellow Catch ex As Exception MsgBox(ex.Message) Finally con.Close() End Try End Sub End Class
  2. Hi all I have 8 PCs running Win XP SP2. I dont want to allow people connect their USB Game controller/joysticks to play games on these PCs(only keyboard & mouse is allowed to play games) as sometimes they connect 2 gamepads or play with 1 gamepad and keyboard and thus crowd the place . So how can I disable it in windows so that even if they connect the joysticks, they should not work in Games or it should not detect at all. However USB mouse should work(thats why I just cant disable USB from bios). Also sometimes I need to use usb hdd & Pendrive. Any solution?? Thanks in advance
  3. How to boot/install from USB key ?

    Thanks for your super quick help I previously formatted using XP's format tool. Now i formatted using PEtoUSB tool and voila!!!! it booted from USB though after that 2-3 mins wait time Thanks again for ur support I have some questions: Q1. As there is an option for SATA HDD in usb_prep.cmd, i wonder, whether this USB XP installation will work on computers with both IDE and SATA hdds??? Because some of my PCs have IDE(PATA) Hdd while some have SATA Hdd? Q2. I had read somewhere before that 'Repair' Installation of WinXP is troublesome using this method??. As many times I have to just make 'Repair' rather that full reinstall when my systems go corrupt. Q3. Can i use an external USB HDD(with two partitions on it) instead of USB Stick???. Like using first partition for these installation files and second partition for carrying normal data??
  4. How to boot/install from USB key ?

    I created a bootable WinXp sp2 USB pendrive using the 'usb_prep.zip' posted 3 posts above. The usb drive was created perfectly without any errors. Some of my parameters i selected are: i started the usb_prep.cmd and did this: 1: type as [home/prof] 2:copied all folders/files from winxp cd to a forlder 'd:\winxp' and selected it as source 3:virtual temp drive as v: 4:target usbdrive as k:(as shown in my computer ) My pendrive is Transcend Jetflash JF V30 / 2GB (and formatted before this procedure) all steps went properly, all files copied to usb without error , at the end i selected for SATA Hdd Then after making this usb drive i restarted my PC and selected USB as first boot device. The usb drive is detected by BIOS. After the POST, the PC attempts to boot from USB but nothing happens, it waits there for 2-3mins with all the previous POST messages on display and then proceeds to boot from the HDD. Why doesnt it boot from USB when everything i did is correct???