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  1. How to boot/install from USB key ?

    Hi, ilko_t. Thanks for the reply. i've tried the suggestions in the first two links but still no success. I read through the third link but i got confused cause i don't understand all of the weird terms and many numbers and how the guy knew what to fix in the "MBR and boot record" (as i don't have much computer knowledge ) anyway i thank you guys for helping me, but i think i'm gonna give up. lol. i just wanted to try this cause it looked interesting. btw. just in case you wanted to know what i tried: Motherboard- Asus K7v; USB stick- no name brand (just says micro center); BIOS settings- i enabled usb legacy support and usb function and for boot options i tried USB FDD and USB ZIP (I couldn't find anything else in the BIOS that said USB); File system- FAT, FAT32, and the LBA thing?; Tools- PEtoUSB, HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, and USB Drive Key Boot Utility again Thanks for helping
  2. How to boot/install from USB key ?

    Hi i set my bios to boot from usb and everything and then i followed these instructions to test to see if i could boot from the usb stick. However, after POST, a j appears with a blinking cursor that just sits there, and the boot menu never shows up. i tried reformating the usb stick and trying again with the different options in PEtoUSB and also tried with the HP USB Disk Format tool but the same thing happens. any suggestions on what to do? i really appreciate all the work that you guys put into making these batch files and i would like to try them out sometime. Thanks in advance