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  1. this is an awesome utility but i need some help. i have couple of image with different file extension ( gho, wim, pqi). how can i get button once check use the appropiate radio button to use correct imaging software.
  2. yes, i forgot to add that. one has img extension used by imgit by briwave in china and the other is pqi - powerquest
  3. i love this hta menu. i use it on my software imaging recovery program but i need help on it. i used a 2 different recovery program, how can i used the button to distinguish which program to used to reload the image. for example image a, image b, image c use a recovery software image d, image e, image f uses another recovery software i want to use this menu to keep it simple for my techs. any ideas or sugesstion or how to code properly. remind you that i am total noobie at this. i have general idea how it works but not to code it ... any ideas would appreciated thanks
  4. winimgit is a sector and file based imaging utility. the image comes from manufacture that is not very cooperative in helping me LOL www.briwave.com is the company who makes the software but i can read chinese LOL does it only restore the image as it existed on the original machine, so if it came off of a 10gb drive when it goes down on a 40gb drive it only uses 10gb and you have to extend it? yes i have to extend it from a 10gb to a 40gb. i am trying to a faster and simpler way of doing this. i have created a diskpart simple script like select volume 1 extend but volume 1 is sometimes not always constant this where i need the help most
  5. i am using winpe 2.0 with winimgit software from briwave. has anyone else use this software WinImgit before
  6. i have created a small restoring imaging program. but i get hard drive of different size. how can i create a script to check drive in unit and extended the partition if need be.
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