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  1. I appreciate the responses. At the moment at this time of writing the computer is currently out of order as the keyboard port on the motherboard is stuffed. (ie: Unusable, and didn't help from a surge that happened last month. It's a broken mobo anyway.) Anyway, I did no tracing to track the problem. All I did was cite the problem as outlined by the message that appears before Windows 98SE2ME starts. I've already tried putting in the ME net drivers (via driver overwriting via Network options when changing stuff...) Sure, the message disappears but the net still won't work. I may have to reinstall everything anyway since the motherboard's FUBAR, but in the meantime I'll have to get my hands on a compatible spare mobo before I can continue to rectify this issue. Thanks for your time.
  2. OK. I followed someone's advice on another website, and that didn't work either. I think I made a huge booboo...and now I can't seem to get any bluetooth driver to install now. (bth.inf; deleted..... ) Anyone can assist me to reinstalling WinXP SP2's bluetooth drivers without a complete reinstall?
  3. Since my dad bought a bluetooth dongle, when I installed the drivers for Win98 on the spare computer (which already had 98SE2ME and Revolutions Pack 7 installed), the internet got screwed. On startup, it whinges that vnetbios.vxd is corrupt. I've already tried replacing it with the one fron Win98 and the one from WinMe, but the internet still won't work. (in fact the WinME vxd causes the error, wheras the Win98 one just doesn't function at all.) Need tips here...
  4. Like it says, my dad just got a CSR USB Bluetooth dongle that came with a cordless mouse, and I'm having problems getting it working under XP with SP2 installed. Funnily enough, after going through the instructions like mad last night, finally I gave up. All drivers and software was installed as per the instructions. In addition, I even tried forcing the proper drivers onto it under XP SP2, but it still doesn't work. Basically, the OS makes a sound as if connecting something, but the Bluetooth icon doesn't turn white/ (Which it should...cause it worked in 98SE2ME. SAME PC, OTHER BOOTMAGIC PARTITION.) Any tips please holla my way. Thanks.
  5. Done. I had some trouble with RP7 due to its custom boot logo being incompatible with my set up. I got 98se2me's startup one back, but i can't seem to get the shutdown one to appear... (all I see is the DOS cursor.) LOGOS and LOGOW.sys are still present in C:\windows I've already checked with the RP7 thread so...yeah.
  6. Just a question. Will using this auto-patcher package interfere with Revolutions Pack 7, Win98SE uSPv2.1a and 98SE2ME?
  7. Hey. Would it work if I installed this, then 98SE2ME, then Revolutions pack 7? Thanks.
  8. Hey. I'm new around here and was wondering... Should I install 98SE2ME after the Windows 98SE unofficial service pack 2.1a, then install Revolutions Pack 7? Just wondering. Thanks.
  9. Hey. I just came across this pack via referral to another unofficial support project. I have a computer with a dual-boot (via Bootmagic) of Win98SE, and WinXP Pro+SP2. I'm glad to have run into this site. Anyway, I just have a couple questions about this power pack. 1. Does it support Revolution Pack ver 7 (98se) and 98SE2ME? (If 98SE2ME is, should I install it first or the power pack?) 2. Is DOS support still intact? 3. Is there a FAQ I can refer to for this? 4. Would it be possible to slipstream this into a Win98SE installation CD or will it have to be a seperate product to use? 5. Is that full download v5.05? Thanks in advance.
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