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  1. I am having a similar problem with WinXP Pro (X86). I just recently installed a new harddrive and a fresh copy of Win XP Pro into my E-Machines Athalon XP2200 unit. Since that time, I am having an instant power off when I insert either one of my Flash Drives (Lexar, GeekSquad) both 128MB. At first, the problem was intermittent, but now it is every time. I am also having lockups and instant power offs after the unit has sat OFF for a period of time. When I start it up cold (after a lengthy OFF period) it will take 8-12 Hard Reboots to get the unit to stay on without lockups. I don't know if these issues are related, but they seem like they might be. I do know that the USB driver for my Lexmark X75 printer causes my USB connection to my camera to not work. I thought there might be a conflict with the USB Ports, but since it powers off every time I connect, I cannot check it. The Power Offs also happen in Safe Mode. I have an E-Machines Athalon 2000 unit that does not have this problem, albeit with an older installation of WinXP Pro and a new MSI Mother board. I am considering upgrading to a new Motherboard, but I dont know if that is the issue or just a setting in the OS. If you have any suggestions as to where to begin, I would appreciate the help.