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  1. ERR | "viaidexp.sys is missing"

    I already have all the driver packs on my dvd ... and it works if I do a fresh install when booting on the dvd ... but if I install from windows, It begins to copy files, the computer restart, and I've got the error ... I can't insert my dosnet.inf, it keeps telling me there is not enought space altought the size of my file is 170kB ... But I can say that I cannot find viaidexp.sys inside this file... and viaidexp.sys IS in my i386 directory thanks
  2. Hello ! I would like to know what is the difference between : Booting on CD and use winnt.sif and launching the installation directly from Windows by \I386\winnt32 /unattend:.\unattend.txt My problem is that my disc works perfectly when booting from it, and if I try to install directly from Windows, after the first restart it tells that "viaidexp.sys" is missing ... So if someone has an idea, thanks !
  3. .cmd files and WPI

    In the cdrom/wpi/Install folder, I have few program folders... And in some of theses folders, I have setup.exe, and in others I have install.cmd, beacause I need to execute lots of commands to install the program... In an install.cmd I can have some commands like : setup.exe /verisilent copy xxx c:\xxx\xxx unrar xx.rar And the problem is that when you lauch a .cmd file from WPI, it is executed as if it was launched from c:\ and not from its folder ! So I have errors lire "cannot find setup.exe, cannot copy xxx, unrar cannot find xxx.rar ..." What is strange is that I'm sure I was doing the same with WPI 3 and I did not have this king of problem
  4. Hello ! First excuse my bad frenchy english ... I've got a problem with WPI when I try to install programs with the help of .cmd files.... sometime it helps to make some install.cmd... So when windows execute the runonceex commands, I've got a path problem inside all my install.cmd : Windows find the install.cmd files, but it seems that they are executed from c:\, and so i can't find the files that are run INSIDE the install.cmd ... Anybody has an idea ? Thanks !
  5. DriverPacks BASE V5.05.2

    Thanks ! Maybe I've missed one post ! I'll try !
  6. DriverPacks BASE V5.05.2

    Hello ! I'm new in this forum, and I've read all of this thread, I've tried to install the last driverpack base with the fix and all the driverpacks, and it doesn't work ... It was working perfectly with the last versions but with this one i have problems with winnt.sif : -- Into the OemPnpDriverpath I have lots of blank lines, lots of "D/blablah;"D/blablah ... -- When I remove this, even if I totally remove the OemPnpDriverpath, I can't launch Windows's installation ... it keeps telling me "there is an error in your winnt.sif at line XX", and it is always the last line, even if I remove everything ... I use method 1, with GuiAttended Thanks ...