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  1. This is a shared app located on a server. On startup the script copies the workbook to the local temp location and starts running from there. This was done to eliminate the multiple user issue. I have seen access denied errors on new PC's when I forget to set up the trusted locations in the trust center but that generates an access denied error rather than the runtime error generated when the variables have been lost.
  2. All variables are defined as Public. I have determined that when the problem occurs, many (possibly all) variables are lost. This was determined by going into Debug and adding code to re-establish the known missing variable only to have the code fail on the next line of code that contained a different variable. This problem is random and not PC specific.
  3. I have an extensive VBA Script in an Excel 2007 workbook which contains nine modules. The script routinely, though not often, fails due to the loss of variables. When this happens, one or several public variables get lost during the switch to a different module. This module switch occurs when a module is executed by a button on the workbook (I have a Print button and a Save button). For instance, in the Print module I set a strPrinted variable to "Y" when the workbook is printed. In the Save module I check the value of the strPrinted variable and if not "Y" prompt to print the workbook. Occasionally the script fails because strPrinted variable doesn't exist. I have been doing research trying to determine what might be the cause and came across references that say an End Statement command will destroy public variables. This has me wondering whether Exit Sub would be a better choice but I have been unable to determine when to use Exit Sub vs. End Sub. The script failures are only occasional so I may be barking up the wrong tree but insight regarding the usage of End Sub vs. Exit Sub would be appreciated. BrianG
  4. I have an Excel97 workbook containing three sheets. I have been using this workbook for years but noticed this morning that I can't paste in one of the sheets. This situation may have existed for awhile since I rarely have had a need to modify anything in the sheet. I can copy and paste to, from and within the other two sheets but in this one sheet the paste and paste special commands are grayed out. I have checked to insure the sheet is not protected and even unlocked all the cells although this shouldn't affect anything since the sheet isn't protected. I tried copying the sheet to a new book but still can't paste. Any suggestions on how to fix this would be most appreciated. BrianG
  5. Changing the MapPrefEntry setting to 0 in Adobeupdaterprefs.dat seems to have worked in stopping the updater when the reader is invoked by the browser. So does renaming AdobeUpdateCheck.exe and AdobeUpdater.dll which is my preferred solution as it leaves a visual reminder of how the updater was disabled. Thanks!
  6. There is a way to disable auto updates by running Check for Updates under the help menu. Let the updater check for updates. The window that comes up showing available updates has a Preferences link under which is a check box to disable autoupdate checks. BUT, unchecking this box only seems to disable the autoupdater when the Adobe reader is invoked with a shortcut. When my browser invokes the reader, the updater tries to connect. Anyone have any idea why invoking from a browser makes a difference? FIWI, my AdobeUpdaterPrefs.dat has Autocheck set to 0. BrianG

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