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  1. well i downloaded and installed the patcher it did nothing,i still cant rename folders or install side gadgets
  2. i downloaded it and installing it now from the set up file..is that ok?
  3. am i going to have to reinstall vista?
  4. Hey u got msn/yahoo i can talk to you on.if i download this it is going to fix the problems for sure?
  5. does that fix work if i dont have vlite instaled?i just have reg vista 32 bit oem.i tried everything to install that registry value and it wont go in
  6. btw i cant install side gadgets either please help this is annoying
  7. the thing about it is i dont have vlite i have regular vista 32 bit oem and have this issue
  8. same problem it opens up in note pad
  9. when i try to right click and press merge it opens in note pad again.help!
  10. when i try to double click it the reg file opens in note pad,when i go to the registry program that registers the reg file in the system 32 i get a error about checking my system for it being compatible with the windows i am running
  11. For some reason when i try to install side gadgets it never appears no matter which i download..the only ones that work are the ones that came with vista.whats wrong?please help im on vista home prem 32 bit oem
  12. do i need to apply one of those reg files?if so which ne et me know asap thanks.i hate having to go to a different pc then sending my folders named there into a zip to my main pc lol
  13. I got windows vista 32 bit and i did not do any hot fixes beta etc and i got the same issue i can not rename it gives me the error as the topic creator showed.how can i fix this can some one please explain the steps to me THANKS!

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