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  1. i had Administrator enabled to show on the logon screen but it didn't show. Turned off pc and bam... there it was when i turned it back on. meh
  2. everything else is fine. the ibm netvista x40 is so old I don't even need drivers. slipstreamed sp3 i opted to show administrator on the welcome screen and gave administrator a password. this is the only place the unattended stalls.... prompting for administrator password. thanks in advance. UPdate: I went back through the nlite loader and for whatever reason, the password fields were blank. put in the password and saved the .iso will see what happens. thanks. hmm... well that worked but now in the welcome screen it has my name, not "Administrator" (obviously from nlite settings). also, when I click on my name to login.... i get the hand cursor but can't type the password in. let's try NOT having the administrator on the welcome screen. only needed for remote desktop anyways. everything seems to be working. as always, I can leave well enough alone and went venturing into other areas. Got some error codes during setup so i nuked the .iso file and rolled back a couple presets. Took Administrator off the welcome screen and all is golden. Thanks for your time. Internet explorer keeps crashing 90% of time. Can't blame nlite as I did slipstream sp3 but you would think. Reformatted, used a vanilla oem cd with sp2 and installed xp manually. Everthing is working presto. Now to update sp2 with sp3rc2 and see if ie crashes?
  3. Yes. That is exactly what I am doing. Now I did stumble on the "preset" button (with no dots around the dialogue "button") in the add drivers section Before I was manually adding the folder location again and again until I found the "preset" button. Was this the cause? She grew by about 9mb each time. Thanks
  4. Have a look at [DiskConfig] while you are in the help file. You can automate the process if you wish btw... anyone know how to use diskconfig in windows2000? is it the same as xp?
  5. If I just start nlite and "load last session" to view what I done, nlite says it grew by ~9mb. What's with that? Thanks.
  6. uninstalled nlite, reinstalled nlite my source was c:\w2kcd. copied my slipstreamed w2k_sp4 cd into a new directory "c:\nlite". nlite somehow still saw my unattended settings and warned me about that but who cares... sure as hell not you. fired it up blah blah blah ran a few runguionce batch files... copy the \support\tools files to \u and \sysprep (the only way I know how to create a sysprep folder) expanded the deploy.cab files to \sysprep run sysprep.exe -quiet everything gets installed... sysprep runs and shuts down the pc. end user turns it on and enters the coa key blah blah blah. meh.
  7. My install works! Hell... even got sysprep to shutdown the pc so the end user has to put in the cd key. However... in the process, my desktop background is black and have no "my computer" icon on the desktop. I think this was from some testing along the way. How can I make a fresh nlite config set or just start from scratch? I clicked reset or defaults in all the windows but some previous settings ( like the black desktop) are still showing. Thanks in advance... the cheque is in the mail as they say.
  8. that's supercalifragilistic info. thanks! now just to get sysprep to the point where it runs and turns off the pc.
  9. The firefox is on my pc... not the nlite install. works with IE tho... oh well. Might be time to revamp my nlite .iso cuz now I got no "my computer" icon on the desktop and sysprep STILL won't run. meh. oh... about the "no option to repair".... well also it creates multiple boot menu entries (all windows 2000 of course) for each time I run it without nuking the partition.
  10. hmmm. first off... why the heck can't i login with firefox. oh well. is it normal for a nlite preinstall cd "not" warn you about "another operating system is installed on this pc" ? thanks.
  11. okay... got the drivers to drive and the o/s to load. all I need to do now is to run sysprep, have it shutdown the pc so when it gets turned on, the use enters the serial number etc. (mini setup) windows 2000 pro. Probably easy enough but my brain is racked and would have given up if not for nlite. I need this so the customer can reinstall windows themself after backing up the data. Thank you all.
  12. Why not go with seagate drives and use DiscWizard. Seagate now has the Acronis tool in discwizard. http://www.seagate.com/ww/v/index.jsp?loca...000dd04090aRCRD
  13. seems to me that because \sysprep is nuked, the files are gone how did you redirect the registry?
  14. I'd like to make a donation. The help here and the program helped me roll out about 10 compaqs. All had the oem sticker but no restore cd. I do know how to preinstall "one offs" using the oem cd and a floppy but struggled this time with drivers. Found this place and bam... the rest is history. What are other people donating?

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