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  1. If i play a sound (in Java), and i want to play another sound inmediatly after the first finish.. how can i "wait" until the first finish ? Note: I don't know the length of each sound when i'm writing the program so i can't wait a constant like. while(System.currentTimeMillis()<T) ; I need something like: ---------------------------- AudioClip s1 = .....; AudioClip s2 = .....; ... s1.play(); ... while(s1.isPlaying()) // This method doesn't exist, is there something similar that do exist ? ; s2.play(); ---------------------------- Something like that. Thanks...
  2. The topic description says it all... how can i disable the onboard video chip in order to install an AGP video card ?? PCChips P4 M925 Series v1.3 Thanks.
  3. When i close MSN 6 and then i open it again, the display picture is not there anymore (it's still in the list of display pictures available, but not as default), how can i make it permanent ? (i haven't found any configurable option), thanx...

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