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  1. Is it compatible with N editions? I really need such support!
  2. Talking about N is not illegal! And never was! There is a freedom of word and freedom of will! May be you're brainwashed too?
  3. Please, Jeronimo, add the explanation about packages_xls.txt . The meaning of some items is not clear for me. For example, what does it mean if item has bold, or vLite “not ok", or Keep for your Windows 7 edition...
  4. with this solution I've got another error list. errors2.txt
  5. Jeronimo Packages does not cause any errors. But the next stage cleanup makes lots of 'access denied' Here is a part of list of errors, that I've got on cleanup. errors.txt
  6. Jeronimo I've got lots of "access denied" when i tried to cleanup useless drivers. Is install_wim_tweak needed for granting access?
  7. Here is packages list of UltimaiteN You should see this, Jeronimo Packages.txt
  8. Jeronimo What breakes Windows feauters? I kept Help, Fax Support, Windows Search I is seem workable, but after first use Windows feauters dies and Windows Search too
  9. Jeronimo Now I have instal.wim within UltimateN 7600.16385 x86. It has the one and only index 1. Please, give a guide, how to remove most of drivers (wireless, ATI\Nvidia graphics ando the) from it with help od you stuff. I want to keep only storage controlers and universal drivers for videoadapters.
  10. Jeronimo does your stuff suport N-edition? I think, i'd be good.
  11. WMP, DVDmaker, Media Center, IE8 has been removed by M$. Forget about troubles.
  12. BUILD: 6.1.7201.0.090601-1516 7201.0.090601-1516_x86fre_client_en-us_Retail_Ultimate-GRMCULFRER_EN_DVD.iso SIZE: 2,499,923,968 bytes MD5: 70E48837DD513BA98FE483AFD0746E37 SHA1: F2BC6FC5861C76C401DF6DA7137962C727ED938D CRC: 102CCA5A

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