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  1. Error when running Auto-Patcher

    OK! Point! taken!!!
  2. Error when running Auto-Patcher

    Hiya, Tbird885 - The AP forum is here at http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=80800 . Why d'you needlessly open a separate string? Because there is like 34 pages on that thread, I figured my ? would not get noticed. Who reads thru a 34 page thread.
  3. I would really appreciate some help with this one.. I installed the Auto-patcher. When I try to run it, it opens in a dos box and I get this message. A choice function was not set properly causing this error. This is simply slack programming! That's naughty that is .... Fortunately, we can recover from this error, somewhat. Please press any key to continue... Whatever key I press, the message just refreshes. How can I get past this? Thanks.
  4. No, the buit-in drivers on the Windows CD. The hard disc controllers are working, but not the onboard LAN yet. I could not find any 98 drivers on the motherboard CD.
  5. I have a 4CoreDual-VSTA too, with 98 running fine. I never found the problem with onboard sound as I have a sound card. I have not been able to install the VIA drivers, even when I downloaded one 4:1 specifically for Win98, but it is working well enough for now on the native drivers.
  6. Help.." Core 2 duo & Win98 install

    Update. turns out my primary hard disc was going bad, that was why I was having trouble installing an OS. With a new HD I did a clean install of W98SE with no problems (other than having to edit system.ini) and no bios tweaks. before I did that, I copied my working XP partition from the primary to the secondary master, than copied it back again after the disc swap.
  7. Help.." Core 2 duo & Win98 install

    It works.. I disabled the second core in the bios, and did a clean install on an old hard disc. When it got to the reboot stage the install fell over (out of memory, ironically I have 2gb). So I edited the system.ini as suggested above and got it to complete the install. Then I enabled the second core and Win98 SE works just fine. My previous attempts were with FE, maybe that made a difference. I used a 2gb FAT32 partition. I have the same first partititon on my main HD, the rest is NTFS, so I am going to try to clone the working partition onto my main disc for a dual-boot. Thanks for all your help.
  8. Help.." Core 2 duo & Win98 install

    Thanks for the replies.. I am already running XP, no problem, but I would like to be able to dual boot with Win98. Maybe it is just as nostalgia thing.. 98 Was running fine on my PC before I switched the CPU from a P4 3.2ghz to a core 2 duo 2.66ghz. I will play around some more with it. If it's possible, I'll get it working.
  9. Hi, I would appreciate some help here. I have been dual booting WIn 98 and XP for a long time, mainly because I am still pretty attached to the old OS and it does pretty much everthing I want. After a recent major hardware upgrade I am trying to reinstall Win98, but the setup crashes out with some fatal disc error. I am running an Intel Core 2 duo and an Asrock mobo. I have tried lowering the speed of the CPU, and also played around with the hard disc settings in the bios, without any luck. I am seeing a lot of conflicting information about whether or not Win98 will run on a core 2 duo ( I know it won't work both cores, I just want it to install/run). Am I wasting my time with this I would hate to think that my new CPU has cut me off from the older OS. TIA