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  1. Heck no ! Removing winsxs with vlite makes the installation impossible. Even delete it after the installation will get you a BSoD. Instead install W7 (original or vlited) and then use this tool : http://rapidshare.com/users/6HHIJB It takes forever to finish but it will free 200 - 300 MB and it will leave you with a stable system. Consider anyway that the space showed in winsxs is not completely real as it is made mainly by hard links. Regards Edit 24-01-10: Ok, ok I've been too reckless. I had an issue with the administrators and I hadn't paid the due attention. Actually the aviv00 method WORKS. But I still suggest the winsxslite tool. The end result is similar and of course you still have the updates that for some people are fundamental. Re-Regards
  2. I don't need WMP neither.. But I don't have access to N or E version.... They are made for EU's markets. I don't know U.S laws, but over here it's legal to download (not share) software you own licence. I don't think it's illegal to tell you the name of the ISO : 7600.16385.090713-1255_x64fre_clientn_en-us_Retail_UltimateN-GRMCNULXFRER_EN_DVD.iso Just google around to find it.
  3. Download N or E editions
  4. ISO is about 1.8 GB. I don't understand completely the hard linking. For what I know the links show as the real files increasing a lot the size on disk. Reducing is made AFTER installation, but there's a way to make it before using imagex (I'm trying right now).
  5. Agreed, this tool was able to delete 600 MB in my winsxs reducing a vlited 7 RC installation to a fantastic 3.2 GB ! 64bit ? i did 3.2gb too with 32bit but not with the tool btw the guide is meant to be post-install 64bit ultimate. Vlited with this conf. Removed hiberfil and pagefile. Then used winsxslite. I think I used your guide but made the system instable. No problem with this tool AFAIK. I think this is the slimmest installed size I know. BTW if someone knows how to remove other components (IE, firewall, update) please let me know. 7RC.ini
  6. Agreed, this tool was able to delete 600 MB in my winsxs reducing a vlited 7 RC installation to a fantastic 3.2 GB !
  7. Thanks everybody. I'll try your way.
  8. I continue to be amazed at how common loserish comments seem to appear on MSFN. Where is the courtesy these days? And the fact that there are at least two threads with dozens of posts about how to vLite Windows 7 makes this kind of input even more useless, if not ignorant. Strange reply. I've heard of a lot of people installing VLited version of Win 7 beta. Now to be of some help. I am one of those who've successfully vLited their Beta copy of 7 and had virtually no problems with errors. And contrary to what's been said I used Windows Update for several critical updates and experienced little or no stability issues (though I know some have been reported). Yes it's Beta software so my main gripe with the OS was on matters of compatibility. Some apps that are a regular part of my PC usage didn't work (i.e. the latest stable build of SKYPE) and so I was forced to put a stop to the fun and games and get back to business. But I look forward to Win 7 and even more so to Nuhi's work on helping us cut the fat. In the mean time you can for sure use vLite to slim down your own Beta copy of Windows 7. Mine was the x64 version and I used Kazuni's .ini file in the thread you've linked above. It's not as heavy of an amputation as you can do with Vista (or anywhere close to nLiting XP) because the components haven't been compiled for vLite, and more importantly due to the nature of the software there are more critical components that cannot be removed. Even trivial components like the Games Explorer. In that thread some people point out some files to protect under the protection part of vLite. Protect all those files mentioned. As usual I'm too lasy to read through and port the text over to here. Sorry. :-) It's worth reading through the lengthy thread above if you are insistent on using Windows 7 and vLiting it. And regards to activation... This shouldn't be a huge deal if your vLited 7 won't activate. I used mine for a week or more and didn't noticed a darn thing wrong with it. Where activation IS important is if you are going to be running any Microsoft Software and will be requiring an authenticity check i.e. installing WAIK on your 7-equipped machine. Of course keep in mind that the license agreement for the Beta software is only for 30 days which is why not activating wasn't a big deal for me anyway. I just wanted a test drive. Best of luck with vLiting, though my guess is if you want a truly slim system and most of the features of Windows 7, you'll be back vLiting your Vista sooner than later. :-) Thanks man
  9. Man, I'm NOT surprised. I just want to know if there's a workaround and what that statement (Windows could not collect...) means. JEEZ. @ Bilar Crais, well if the dll is the problem maybe it's possible to add it to the ISO, but still there are lot of people able to install heavy vlited Win 7. I'd like to hear a word from them.
  10. Look at this: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=123539
  11. Strange reply. I've heard of a lot of people installing VLited version of Win 7 beta.
  12. I've tried many configuration on Windows 7 beta with vlite. But when I try to install I always get the same message: Windows could not collect information for [OSImage] since the specified image file [install.wim] does no exist. Any suggestion ?
  13. Microsoft ® File Expansion Utility Version 5.2.3790.1830 Copyright © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Expands one or more compressed files. EXPAND [-r] Source Destination EXPAND -r Source [Destination] EXPAND -D Source.cab [-F:Files] EXPAND Source.cab -F:Files Destination -r Rename expanded files. -D Display list of files in source. Source Source file specification. Wildcards may be used. -F:Files Name of files to expand from a .CAB. Destination Destination file | path specification. Destination may be a directory. If Source is multiple files and -r is not specified, Destination must be a directory. As you can see you can use wildcards. If you don't rename use a different folder.
  14. I'm using Windows XP 64. This version has two shell32.dll, one in system32 and the other in syswow64. The first (ver: 6.0.3290.1830) should be 10492416 bytes long, but when I try to open it with an hex editor (XVI32) it shows 8379392 bytes exactly like the other. Obviously when I save it and reboot windows crashes. Does someone know how it could be possible and if there's a workaround ? Thanks. Nothing ?
  15. darkon11

    No mouse

    It seems that when I find a good configuration something goes wrong. My last problem is the installation of logitech x64 drivers for the marble mouse (setpoint400_x64.exe). It loads 1 by 1 a lot of isbew64.exe then nothing. It surely misses something but what ? I think I can do without the controlling program (even if having all the 4 buttons is a lot better) but if someone has a workaround I will appreciate. I enclose my conf file. Thanks mine.ini
  16. darkon11

    Icons problem

    Thank you VEEERY much
  17. darkon11

    Icons problem

    I made a version of XP 64 that fits all my needs. My only problem is that all the programs (EXEs) are showed with the system icon (you know the one white and blue). Is there a way to fix it ? Thanks
  18. Hi extrabigmehdi, thanks for the answer. I need ATI CP to control a TV and to set the resolution to 720x576. Do Tray tools does theese things? BTW, I've tried ATT in the meanwhile and it's a great tool. The only problem is that I can't resize the TV size, is there a workaround ?
  19. This is the setting of the last session. Among other problems that I'm managing to resolve the main are that I can't install ATI control panal and I can't see most non-windows icons. Thanks Ultima_Sessione.ini
  20. darkon11

    NO WAY

    I've made a couple of ISOs from Vista ultimate 64 with Vlite and they don't boot. They load the files then a blank screen with the arrow of the mouse appear and nothing else. I've made several images with the BETAs and they install flawlessy. I'm not regretting about Vlite that I consider a great software, I just want to know if there's a workaround. Thanks

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