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  1. "do not download it from the server"

    Sounds like you want to setup Password Protected Outlook Profiles. Go to the Mail and Fax Icon in the control panel.
  2. "do not download it from the server"

    Outlook has a feature called "Leave a copy on the server" is this what you are looking for? It allows you to read the email in outlook, but also does not remove the copy that is on the email server. It is used for POP3 accounts.
  3. MSFN and MSFN Hosting

    That's funny that you mention Apples. That is my next venture as soon as Leopard is released in October. Looks like an excellent OS, and the new features, plus the new additions to iLife and iWork. It all looks great!
  4. MSFN and MSFN Hosting

    I completely agree with and use open source software all the time. I have also released some software I have written as open source. It's a great community with a great vision. (If it's not obvious, I never at any time meant anything negative by my statement, just pointing out the obvious Irony) Click the link in my signature for some open source released by me. (Some of it is original work by me, some of it is open source which I have modified and rereleased with new features that were asked for but never provided by the original author, mainly because I found I needed the features also, but nonetheless I rereleased and made publicly available.) Forgot to mention. You'll notice that it is Microsoft based software, and the site and the downloads are both hosted on various Linux platforms using CPanel, and the like. A True Ironic Circle.
  5. MSFN and MSFN Hosting

    I don't disagree with the use of Linux and so-forth. I just find it kind of Ironic.
  6. MSFN and MSFN Hosting

    Does anyone else find it amusing that "Microsoft Software Forum Network" and the Hosting Side don't use a single Microsoft Technology? Linux, PHP, CGI, Apache, CPANEL and so forth. No ASP, ASPX, IIS, Windows.
  7. Multicasting w/PE_2: SymantecGhost -Help!

    I have run into problems multicasting with Ghost and PE before as well (I have never got it to work). It has nothing to do with the server, or the network, or the firewall. I think it has something to do with the way the nic drivers are implemented in PE.
  8. I would very much appreciate some help designing a graphical site logo. Before any one says it. I know I'm new, but I just contributed an open source project which I have been working on for over a year. The project is The Grim Linker Project What I would like is a Grim Reaper carrying thick links of chain rather than a scythe. A little history behind it. I was looking for a name for the project. I originally called it "The Multi Package Linker". Well there is a second part to the project which does remote execution. All of the good names like Rexec were taken. So I just went a little longer and called it the ReXeCutioner. So that name combined with the Linker became [The Grim (RexeCutioner instead of reaper) followed by Linker] So there you have it. I would also like to include it on the application. I could provide a link back to your site from the graphic on the app and the website. Seriously any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I have recently released a project I have been working on as open source. The Grim Linker Project The software has the ability to remotely execute commands within a domain environment. It also has the ability to push VNC to a remote PC and startup the service and connect to it automatically. It can also streamline the running of scripts by providing a mechanism to consolidate all of your scripts into a single GUI, and allow you to run any script you choose from a list in any order and combination. You can do all of this on as many machines as you desire. It can pull machine names from a .txt or .xls file. I would like to get some additional help to add features to the application. The "Shell" application is an HTA with a lot of VBScript. The application that provides the remote ability is C++. The features I would like to add are as follows: The ability to load the user profile in C++. To pull pc's from Active Directory using VBScript. Write them to an XML file. Provide a way for the user to filter the PC's by Domain/OU/OS etc. I want the filter to work on the file after all PC's have been pulled from Active Directory. I also want to add the ability to "Freshen" the file when the user desires, rather than all queries hitting a Domain Controller. Also add CSS to the HTA to allow themes. I have been working on this project for some time off and on, mostly on off hours. I have only recently released it to the public. The code works very well, but could use some cleanup and enhancing. Please have a look and give me some help. There is a video tutorial on the website on how to use it. I recommend downloading the .AVI file if you have a fast connection. The flash video is not so good. The Grim Linker Project Thanks in advance. As an FYI, there is a forum there that I just installed to take questions and so on.
  10. Close all windows script

    Thank You. This script actually closes windows in a "nice" way as well. If you've made edits to a document for instance. If the program offers the automated notification that the file has changed and to save it. You will get that prompt. I use this script to close all windows "but", example: you can include the title "Inbox - Microsoft Outlook" and if you are in Outlook on the Inbox page, it will not be closed. You can add any window title you wish. Rischip
  11. Close all windows script

    Hey, who are you calling Geek....... LMAO At least spell my name correctly......