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  1. Actually, I've been thinking of doing something like what you want, just haven't had too much time to do it. I'd also have to talk to some people, namely Bashrat for his excellent driverpacks, Ryan for those all-in-one update packages and his integrator, and probably a few others I can't think of right now...
  2. First off, I'm not sure this is the best place for my question, so if it needs moving, please move it. I'm trying to create a CD or set of CDs that will require little to no user input and will restore a PC to a defined state stored on the disk, similar to what Dell and the other major manufactuers ship with a new PC. I've toyed with Acronis TrueImage, but the licensing for that scenario is a pain and I'm still not sure it will do exactly what I want. My current plan of attack involved the BDD and ImageX, which works very well and yields a 2gb image instead of 6-8gbs, and can be scripted within Windows PE 2.0 The issue becomes splitting this image across multiple CDs, as the machines in question do not have DVD drives and will not be attached to any form of RIS server. I've tried the technet articles on splitting an image but it must be a Windows Vista installation image it appears. If anyone has any ideas at all regarding this approach, including ways to fool the BDD/AIK toolkit, or just has an alternate idea I haven't tried, please let me know. So to recap, my requirements are as follows: Unattended or at least very simplistic Must fit on one or more CDs Must be completely standalone Designed for less computer literate users (I am not the one using the finished product!) Any assistance is greatly appreciated, I figured if anyone knew how to pull this off, I'd find them here. Thanks in advance! EDIT: Already read over: http://www.msfn.org/board/lofiversion/index.php/t97593.html (Not suitable as it needs a DVD) http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...101383&st=0 (Haven't quite finished, might be exactly what I need from reading the comments... I'll report back) EDIT2: Probably got it, just have to finish capturing my image and testing it. Second link was just what I needed, just have to wait and see what the facility for spanned images is. Hopefully it's smart enough to say 'Please insert disk X of Y.' when it needs a new part of the image. Planning to fully automate a PE2.0 disk set with these images, will be willing to post results and a guide/template for anyone interested in an 'almost OEM' restore procedure. Thanks to everyone on the board for their assistance, this is the only place I turn for Microsoft advice these days.
  3. Hey guys, Need to know of a way to remove all text (html tags) in a field. Problem is I have no idea what tags are going to be in the fields, and they're mixed pretty well with other data I need to keep. They are standard tags in <brackets>, so I really need a replace function with RegEx support or something like that. I've got one so far and it works fine given an exact string to find and remove, but I can't account for all the various tags easily, too much effort and space. I'd post a snip of the DB and such but I work for the government and the data is semi-sensitive. I can drum up a sample though, if need be. Basically I'm just trying to purge anything between a set of <> in a normal text or memo field in Access. Appreciate any help.
  4. I recently had to replace my motherboard and did not have a chance to clear all the old drivers out manually. Apparently the 650i and 680i chipsets aren't 'compatible' and Vista started giving me a BSOD on boot, can't read it and can't find a way to make it stop resetting. I installed another copy of Vista to try and salvage the old one, but I'm not quite sure where to begin. I'm thinking load the old registry hives, modify the hardware configuration back to generic microsoft drivers, and save it back to disk. Is there an easier way? Will this even work at all? I have a strange feeling I'm out of luck though, since I couldn't prep for the swap before hand. EDIT: Okay, it crashes after loading crcdisk.sys, with a 7F on the blue screen. Could this simply be due to plugging the drive into a different SATA port on the motherboard?
  5. here's the tried and true answer to these problems with new video cards... did you already update your drivers to the latest version? if not, check ATI's site for the latest Catalyst package and install that. Also, what OS are you running? and, like ripken already asked, any overclocking?
  6. Haha, yeah, I'll drop you a line if he gets any more, but they seem just a little rare these days, check ebay too, some good deals can be had occasionally. Got my 36gb for $20, working pull from an IBM server.
  7. I'll save him the trouble, although parts look questionable, such as many of the programs below More Options seem hard-coded with paths that aren't mentioned in a readme file. I won't bother with those, as several appear to be less than legal versions. Also, many options seem out-dated, with IE6 and .NET1.1 on the list. Main Menu: More Options:
  8. Yeah, I have a pair of these: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16822148284 and a SCSI PCI-X Raid card coming from some place that salvages old business computers. Both drives and the RAID card for $275 shipped. I also happen to know the guy in charge, so thats really the only reason he considered selling to me, usually they just sell right back to other businesses...
  9. Yeah, thats what I was afraid of, thanks for confirming it at least. Guess I'll start the planning and figure out how to deal with the mess later. Had to run a cable once before, but that was before the basement had been finished...
  10. These are the rough specs: 2xXeon 2.2GHz Dual Core, 2Gb DDR RAM, ATI RageXL Graphics, 36Gb IBM SCSI 10k HDD, Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet NIC, Intel 10/100Mbps NIC, Dual 400Watt PSUs, DVD-ROM drive, Floppy Drive So yes, it has 2 NICs, but the big issue I have with setting up firewalls and such on it is that the router is used by several cable boxes to get the TV program listings, I apologize for not stating that in the beginning. I hadn't looked into ISA much, I was thinking ZoneAlarm or Comodo, as you suggested. Oh, wait, sorry, just reread your post, I can't actually use this box as a router, Verizon has all kinds of proprietary stuff running off of their wireless one. That was part of the reason I went to the switch idea first, but if I could do some kind of pass through, that could work as well. I just can't block certain traffic through it since I don't know what I'm blocking half the time. Also, I want to clarify my wording, I keep saying server, I should be saying PC-acting-as-a-file-server, I'd imagine that changes things somewhat, again, sorry for the confusion.
  11. ripken, thanks for the quick answers, I'm running Server 2003 on it currently, debating if I should just move to Server 2008 RC0. I don't mind spending for the switch as long as it will work, however am I correct in assuming that if I run everything through the server I can set up a firewall on it somehow to protect the whole network?
  12. Sure, here's what I've got planned, looks like it should work too: (Blue line is floor divider, can't move router as it has a coax input as well, not shown, its also not a Linksys) As I said before, would there be a problem going from the internet to that switch, then to a WAN port on the router, thats really the question at hand I guess.
  13. I recently acquired a server that I'd like to set up in my basement to serve files and act as a drop point for various files off the internet. I have everything set up on the server, I just need help with the cabling part of it. Sad thing is I'm getting my Cisco Networking Certification soon and still need help with this. I've got a CAT5 cable coming into the basement and going up to the ground floor into a router, the router then splits that to 2 wired and 2 wireless pcs throughout the house, my question is, can i splice that cable into a switch in the basement, run one cable to my server, and the other back into the WAN port on the router or will that cause issues? Moving the router is unfortunately not an option, as I have Verizon FiOS TV and the router also has a coax cable plugged into it, there's no easy way to plug that coax in down in the basement. Also, the server has two gigabit Ethernet ports on it, so if I can just run into one, out of the other and skip the switch altogether it would be even better. Thanks in advance, this seemed very simple in theory but I don't want to get stuck with equipment I can't use.
  14. Yeah, I told him basically the same thing, I figured it was something with the way the call was returning, since it executes all the code just fine. I myself have only looked at it for a few minutes here and there, but I agree that nothing jumped out at me. I'll have to remember that we have some ASM gurus out there too, been so long since I've used anything besides VBScript or C# that I almost forgot other languages existed.
  15. Alright, yeah, sounds like it could be your sata drivers. Try integrating these with nLite, you should only need the 3112 folder, but if you really want to do all of them it shouldn't hurt.

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