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  1. Sorry, but 3807 was bugged and I have delete it.

    And now new updates Stable:



    * First chance exception 0x0EEDFADE from Delphi library fixed (may be raised by some auto-loaded DLLs into our process)
    * Taskbar yellow icon for warnings
    # The source code of 7-Zip 15.14 (December 31, 2015) is used
    + Delta filter support






    # The source code of 7-Zip 15.14 (December 31, 2015) is used
    # Some changes in VisualStudio project




    Actual versions only on Russian page http://7zsfx.info/ru/download.html   or SVN http://svn.7zsfx.info

  2. Dialog Version

    I see you're actually telling dialog version apart from non-dialog version by looking for the dialog resources, in other words, the code is same.

    I think you may want to let user manually add dialogs to versions other than LZMA, but this is not documented.

    Yes, you are right and user can manually add custom dialogs to any modules. I do not have enough time to develop, especially for documentation.


    Not to be offensive, but I don't think it's good to add them in the code, or we may need a macro to turn it off. The strings takes too much spaces.

    This is historical issue (if you don't know, I'm from Russia), may be later I will change this.

    RTF support on non-dialog versions

    More complex. I'll write PM to you in near week.

  3. Hi

    well i'm using the last stable release of 7zip with extra to make sfx.

    My problem is this i cant make a totally quiet sfx see the attach file.

    well my config is the normally know.






    and command:

    copy /b 7zSD.sfx + config.txt + ProgramCompress.7z ProgramInstaller.exe

    and de 7zsd.sfx

    well i want to hide the cancel button i tried guimode 1 and others commands but seem not work.

  4. @Oleg_Sch and in the future you will improve this option,? and make more stabile like, when you was make the sfx to have the priority to change the icon,( i try in the actual vers and if you change the icon from the sfx will crash out)..

    Now... I can promise only about "full decompression in 'Overwrite' mode".

    Change icon...

    What module that You use ? Is it compressed by UPX or other packers ? And more details about "crash out".

    I'm think, that this is not problems of the module.

    You can send me more info to email or PM

  5. I got a problem with the icon of the exe when the size of the archive is bigger than ~700mb.

    The problem is that the icon gets replaced to the boring "white rectangle".

    Is this a bug with 7zSD?

    If it's a known bug, is there any way to prevent it?

    I made some experiments and found that it is not a bug of the module.

    I found a description of such problems for Inno Setup. Read this

    I do not know how to solve this problem

  6. is it possible to specify two archives when creating the exe?


    copy /b 7zs.sfx + config.txt + archive1.7z + archive2.7z (Installer_Name).exe

    No. It's not! Only ONE archive can be active/used in one time. (in your example this is the archive1.7z, i.e. first)

    I think it is better to go to the PM about icon's problems.

    When we will decide our problems, we will inform all...

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