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  1. Yes, I have WMP9, but I'm going to download it and reinstall it again just so I can cross it off the list of possible explanations...Thanks for the suggestion. 8-)
  2. Xstyle, When I install I get 'Audio initialization failed' and if I try to play an mp3 I get 'error loading file' ... Since nobody else has reported this I presume it's a problem at my end...but have you any idea what it might be?
  3. Thanks for the clarification, Drugwash. I guess my confusion then is that I've misunderstood the wording on the first page: Please Note: this upgrade installer requires you to have the June 2007 sp2 release already installed When it says "installed" I guess it means unpacked and ready to go, but doesn't mean I should run the June install routine (which I assume would install .Net Framework) but that I should then unpack the July upgrade and run that install routine... or am I still wrong? Thanks. (Note: I don't have any version of Auto-Patcher already installed)
  4. I DON'T want .Net framework installed... and I'm glad the you're no longer including it. My question/point is that it will still be installed, will it not? If the July upgrade could be installed without the June SP then the fact that it's not included from now on would be clear i.e. it wouldn't be there. But since the July upgrade needs the June SP then it will be there... which (to me) makes the statement that it's not a bit misleading. But don't bother replying to this - I can find a million and 1 people on the net who'll talk to me like I'm a child without having to take up any of your precious time...
  5. This could very well be a dumb question, so apologies if so... In the July upgrade it says that you've removed .Net Framework 2... by this do you mean it will uninstall the .Net framework installed by the required June SP or do you mean it isn't included in the July upgrade? Sorry for my confusion... (btw: Thanks for all your hard work )
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