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  1. Does anyone know how to modify the setting in Outlook's Logon network security with a script? These settings are accessed by going to Tools->Email accounts->View or change...->Change...->More Settings...->Security Tab There is a drop down box at the bottom that says "Logon Network Security" I need to be able to script a change to these settings. I can't find any info about which key in the registry controls this.
  2. If anyone is interested in the script I wrote to do this, you can find it at http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=1938&st=0&gopid=17055entry17055
  3. Actually got a great answer from MedEvil on the boot-land forum. Works perfectly. <quote> Here i described how one can get a fixed drive letter for partitions on an USB-Stick. http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?...mp;hl=dosdevice </quote>
  4. Both settings should be the same. It is an English keyboard, standard layout. Half the keys type the letter they have on them and the other half type symbols or something random like (ALT) key sequences.
  5. I have a user with an interesting problem. He is using a laptop with XP Pro. After logging into windows, half of his keyboard is mapped incorrectly. The other half is fine. He logs in with smartcard, so I don't know if it is messed up before logon. Anyone seen this before?
  6. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!!?!?! This response has nothing to do with what I asked. Was I not clear in my post as to what I am trying to do?
  7. I had a problem formatting removable usb drives as NTFS. However, I was able to use the Hitachi MicroDrive driver to make XP see them as fixed drives. Then format away. Just google for Hitachi MicroDrive Driver and right-click, "Udate Driver" in the device manager.
  8. OK I know it has been covered over and over how to boot a WinPE from an external USB drive. Thanks to these forums, I got mine working. However, I have a problem. I have a highly customized install DVD that we use for my workplace. After booting WinPE, it uses Ghost to lay down an image on the drive. The Ghost file (.gho) is about 4GB. This means it will not fit on my FAT partition which needs to be 2GB or less. I was able to hard code the drive letters into the batch files to get it to run ghost from the second partition after booting WinPE, however, this is where I have a problem. Depending on which computer I plug into, WinPE seems to mount the USB drive partitions as different letters. So I need to go in each time and find out what the drive letter is for my econd partition and then re-edit the batch files to point to that drive letter. Is there anyway to configure the WinPE so that the Ghost partition always mounts as a certain drive letter, or somehow set a variable like %TargetDrive% to that partition? That way, I can use the variable and not a drive letter. Any help is appreciated. Vito

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