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  1. Suggestion box (vLite)

    I have a small sugestion. im integrating ALL hotfixes right now and it takes hours (currently 4 hours at least). Can you make an option that the pc shuts down itself when its ready with slipstreaming.
  2. Keep up the good work please. Realy nice.
  3. cant run nlite

    Hello, i cant run nlite anymore (on a clean windows xp installation) it gives me this error: Kan de toepassing niet juist initialiseren (0xc000007b). Klik op OK om de toepassing te beeindigen. Well i guess most of you cant read that but it is dutch for: Can't initialize the application (0xc000007b). Click on OK to close the application. or something similar. Does somebody have a solution? P.s i have .net framework 2.0 installed
  4. cant run nlite

    I tryed that multiple times with rebooting and stuff but i didnt work. now i have it fixed . Reinstalling windows. i did very strange things. but now with a "fresh" install everything works fine again. anyways, thanks for some help
  5. I want a windows xp dvd with wpi but i have so much software that must be installed that it wont fit onto a normal dvd. and i dont want to use a blueray dvd yet. is it possible to spread it around 2 or more dvd's? if so how? Thanks in advance, Teqskater
  6. Multiple DVD's

    Thanks i think i can do it with that
  7. How do you make a folder on the users desktop with wpi? and how do you let wpi copy a file from the disk to that created folder?