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  1. Problems installing XP... so many problems

    Astalavista, I live in Bermuda... i have all my stuff shipped to an address in the states then forwarded to me. And no, i dont need a Dell. arablizzard2413 I have a 300w psu, it should be more than enough to run a cheap video card on my mobo with 1 HD and 1 optical drive. I have nothing much in this machine. Im convinced theres a problem with the memory, ive run Memtest and it turned up a bunch of errors. I'll be replacing the memory next week.
  2. Problems installing XP... so many problems

    Astala, Its a little too late for me to send the ram back. I was planning on upgrading to 2x512megs in another month or so but it looks like i'll be doin that sooner now. Oh, and Dell can go to hell. Punto, I figured it was the ram, i just like to get opinions before i make an costly changes. I'll have to check the compatibility of the ram with my system, its muskin black which should be fine but i'll check anyway so i know what not to get when i buy again. And yes, i meant 3901
  3. Hey folks, I recently bought a new Soltek Qbic EQ3109 along with a new ati 9600 video card, 512meg of ram and a 120 gig sata hard drive. From day one ive had nothing but problems with this system. Even had problems right of the bat from a fresh installation. Ive tried installing from different CDs time and time again and still the same batch of problems. So, i ran memtest last night and it turned up a fair amount of errors in my BRAND NEW ram! So, could it be the ram thats the root of all my problems? The failing of programs to start, the random program crashes, the freezing. Ive also noticed some other strange things... a scsi drive appeared once yet i have no scsi devices or even scsi controllers. Other devices that i do not have also have appeared. could this all be due to bad memory??
  4. Windows updates wont install

    Thanks firefox, but the updates will not uninstall, i keep getting a handle error. I just deleted the folder and the updates still refuse to install. Im just gonna go with a fresh install.
  5. Windows updates wont install

    Yeah i do... the updates that wont install are the few that where released after SP2. They where installed previously before i made the repair installation. I should have just went with a fresh install on xp, but i was being lazy... dont have my unattended cd completed yet.
  6. Windows updates wont install

    Hey folks, Yesterday i did a repair installation of windows and now i windows update keeps telling me that i need some updates that i already downloaded and installed, but they will not install again. I cant uninstall them because they arent in the add/remove list anymore. I remember some time ago there was a way to sort this out but ive forgotten how and searches have turned up with nothing. Anyone mind telling me how to get this sorted out? Thanks.
  7. Problem with accessing hard drive...

    Thanks for the suggestions... I used Chkdsk (checkdisk) and managed to get my drive working again. Chkdsk found a few errors in the file system and repaired them all. Now, time to back up this drive before i learn my lesson the hard way.
  8. Hey fellas, Today i was copying a file over to my D: drive when the processes was haulted. I thought nothing of it and tried again, but this time a message popped up and told me my drive was not formatted! I also noticed that the name i had given it was gone, it went back to default 'local disk'. I tried to have a look at it through partition magic but got "error #45: crc error in data". Does anyone know what this problem is and is there a way to fix it? I hope so because i have some files on the drive that i need to retrieve.
  9. While were on the MSJVM topic... Is the latest fix any good? If i used it will i have any problems with many web pages or programs like azureus? Im not a big fan of suns java
  10. Hey all, I have a problem with this computer at work. It wont shut down, log off, restart, hibernate or go into stand-by. I can select each of those options but nothing ever happens, the computer just keeps running. Ive searched around and have yet to find a solution to my problem. I dont have NAV 03 on it so its not that problem, i have SAV Corp instead. Ive tried a windows repair and that didnt fix it either. Im trying to avoid a reinstall. Any ideas on whats wrong? Im baffled
  11. MS Java removal

    Dont install it in the first place, intergrate your cd with SP1a instead of SP1. Dont tell me you didnt know this, what have you been doing on this forum for the past 7 months man??
  12. Lemme try that again and get back to you.... first i need to actually INSTALL o2k3.
  13. Windows XP Desktop Effects

    You want to disable all of the "visual effects" right? Thats been a pain in the a** to do for most since some settings dont apply to all. Have a look here http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...=visual+effects someone has posted their reg tweaks for visual effects. Also do a search for "visual effects" in this part of the forum and the "windows xp" section.
  14. I keep getting an error telling me that says my files are currupt, then another box pops up telling me that my installation is complete, but it only copies over 7meg. What am i doing wrong?
  15. Ive wondered about this as well when i noticed my 256meg usb thumb drive show up in the drive list during setup last week. It should be possible(for those with enough space on the drive), but you'd need a mobo that supports booting from a usb device.