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  1. The install went perfectly and no WFP popups while using the machine / installing software, drivers etc... Chad
  2. I created the original disk several months ago (the one I had problems with). Now that I think about it I did remove the MSN Internet Service from the install as well. Maybe there is something else I did wrong. I have used nLite serveral times before for other motherboards without problems, but this was the first time I tried removing a component... I will be trying the disk I made with version 1.4 on Friday. Sounds like everything should be good. Thanks for the reply.
  3. I just created a slipstreamed XP Pro SP2 Disk using nLite 1.4... I only slipstreamed SP2 and added the nVidia RAID Drivers for textmode installation. With previous versions of this disk I would get multiple WFP popups. Is it likely I will still get WFP popups becuase I installed a non-microsoft driver, or should version 1.4 solve my WFP problems? Thanks, Chad

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