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  1. I cannot find a reason why the selection tools will not show a box with anchors. I am using the pen tool and want to draw a box with the select tool around the curves I made with the pen. Then change the selections in the stroke box and add 3D, rotate. I think it is not working because of the selection box not being there. Help!! Thank you. Also Photoshop did the same but I checked the "show transform tools" and that worked. I cannot find anything like that in Illustrator.
  2. I am a student and trying to understand how to create a template in Photoshop. I can design the template but I do not understand what makes it a template. How do I save it? Is the format it is saved in make it a editable design for a client, or what gives the design these capabilities? Thank you.
  3. I know it is a Lenovo. She is in another city but I will call and give her this message and she can try. Thank you much for helping end the screeching.
  4. Hi Iceman, it seems to be in a frozen state. Nothing is responding- internet won't come up, or computer programs.
  5. My daughter tried to improve the sound on her laptop and went into the "recording sound" and made a change or two. All was fine until she pulled up her playlist and the sound began to screech very loudly. Like a mic turned up to loud. She opened it in safe mode and nothing works, except for the very loud "reverb" and the computer is off and still screeching. Now it is in the closet until we get it to stop!! Thanks for the much needed help.
  6. The question below I do not have an answer for, so this is not testing anyone. JPEG is such an industry standard, do you think Microsoft can actually create a format that will succeed JPEG?
  7. Hello, I am new to this forum and will be here often since I am a "baby" software user and have alot to learn.
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