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  1. Hi

    I've a batch file that install 8 applications in silent mode. I don't like the black cmd screen.

    How can i use my batch file but with GUI environment

    this my example window:

    echo installing 7-zip

    echo installing java

    echo installing fox-it

    i want this messages appearing in a window


  2. Hello

    i've build my bartpe to use it with imagex to create and restore wim image of Vista, but the main problem its that when i boot to bartpe, i can't see vista partitions :(

    i'm using vmware with vmscsi drivers and with xp it works well, but with vista installed i can't see vista partitions,

    please help


  3. Thanks for replying.

    i've used the boot option to deploy the image.

    i've searched the net and i know that the imagex doesn't create the mbr section. i use the gparted to build new primary ntfs partition, and then make the partition bootable. but when a restore the image it doesn't boot :(

    if i restore with ghost then restore again with imagex it boot sucessfuly.

    i don't know what to do, i'm stuck


  4. Hello

    i'm having a big trouble.

    i build an imagex image(WIM), and when remove the partition, then create a new one and then restore the imagex image file it won't boot.

    i don't how make it bootable, it just boot if i format the partition, but i want every time a create a new partition and restore the image it boots.

    i've try the bootsect /nt52 c: /force

    but nothing...

    hope someone help me.

  5. Hello people.

    I share my printer with 12 pc's in a lan. Is there any application that can control the printer acess

    ex: when printing from any computer it will appear a window (in the computer that as the shared printer) that a can permit or denie the print.

    Hpe someone can help me

    PS: I wast lot of paper because the print

  6. Hi people

    I've created an image that its perfect for my work, but now, i want to add audio,vga and lan drivers but without doing everthing again, is there a way that i can add the new drivers folder ex: c:\drivers without doing the sysprep again.


    1º restore the image to a new pc

    2º user a bartpe cd to edit sysprep.inf

    3º create the new ghost image


    hope someone help me

  7. hello.

    i'm near to find the solution for sysprep with sata.

    My problem is that i make everthing need with sysprep.inf

    but when i run "sysprep -reseal", it doesn't stop ant gets a infinity loop preparing the computer.

    the computer is doing this for about 3 days and doesn't shutdown to finalize sysprep.

    please any help?????



  8. hello

    i-m trying to hide definetely the xp tskbar.

    i can hide the taskbar,

    but when the xp start i see the taskbar for 10 seconds and then it hide.

    but i want to hide forever, and not to see at the xp startup

    does anyone know how to do it.


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