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  1. Hi Amocanu, thank you, but the site is covering ICS between LANs that I have done before, and this is not the case. This time I want to share the connection over an Ad Hoc. Comp A is connecting to the internet over LAN, and tries to share over Ad Hoc. Comp B wants to go to the internet over Ad Hoc with A. The Problem is: it seems B can contact sites through their ip address directly (a.e., but not over their name (a.e. www.google.com). How do I fix this? Edit: It works now, the problem was, B had a static IP address...
  2. Hallo folks, my computer (A) is connecting through a cable and a modem with dsl into internet. Then I created an ad hoc connection in A. In the end I activated the internet connection sharing. I connected the second computer (B) through the ad hoc connection. Strangely if I open IE or firefox in B, I can not open any site with www.something.xxx. I tried to ping A, succeed. I tried to ping www.google.com, host didn't found. From A I tried to ping www.google.com, it succeed and i got the ip number of google ( Trying from B again: ping, succeed. Then I tried to open from IE, I could open google, but if I enter www.google.com, it seems B can not resolve www.google.com to the ip address.... If I search from (google.com), i get google resulsts, and if I click one of the results, B can not resolve the address again.... Can someone help me solving this problem please? Thank you in advance!
  3. Will this also work if I get a Vista in german and install a fresh Vista in English? I got a Vista Home Premium.
  4. Hi Anne, thank you for the fast reply, but too bad the option "Update links" is already turned off....
  5. I created (and still writing) my document in Word 2003 (english) and I can only print the document on another computer with Word 2002 SP3 (german). Although I set the option "Update fields" off in the "print" tab, all my references which are using "Header 1" is becoming "Error! Reference not found!" because in the german version there is "Überschrift 1" and no "Header 1"... How can I force the Word to not update the fields? Or are there any other solutions? Thank you in advance.
  6. Hi, I have a problem right now that Word 2003 (11.5604.5606) resets some settings every time I open the program. I am using windows Vista Home Premium. With some settings I mean: - custom button in Toolbar - Caption labels - Caption numbering setting - added add-ins It is annoying to set these every time I open Word. In my previous experiences with Word 2003 in XP, these settings are saved and I only have to set them once. How can I set it for good in vista (if it has something to do with vista)? Thank you in advance.
  7. Ah.. yes.. after I tried several times, this problem doesn't occur in the "normal" windows using. I work a lot with VMWare with my Vista and inside my VMWare I'm using Windows XP (if that matters). This problem occurs when I want to come out from VMWare's XP to Vista. Normally I point my mouse to the VMWare frame (the scroll bar or top bar of the VMWare) and then I press the Windows Button. After that, the Vista's Taskbar appears with the start menu and the sidebar is on the top of the taskbar. Can I make the taskbar on the top the sidebar if I press the Windows Button? Edit: My taskbar is locked
  8. Hi, how can I keep my windows taskbar on top of the sidebar? I always have difficulties to access the notification icons because almost all the times the sidebar is on top of them. Thank you in advance.
  9. Thank you for the link. But why is the link not from microsoft, don't they provide download for their own hotfixes?
  10. uh... This might be a stupid question... But how can I download this hotfix to install on a computer, which doesn't have an internet connection? I can't find the download link on the page...
  11. As we seem to be alone with this problem I wonder what hardware you have that is similar to mine? I have an Asus Notebook, with these specifications: - Motherboard F3JP - CPU T7200 - RAM 2 GB, but I don't know from which manufactor what hardware do you have?
  12. Yes jamieo, I have the problem as you.... I hope SP1 would fix this... Hi John, do you know if there are any ways to make the windows explorer not to lock the USB device? I think it is unconvenient to close the win explorer first every time I want to pull off the usb stick...
  13. Hi, I used to left click the "safely remove device" icon in xp to turn off my usb stick. This method seems not really to work in vista... After I do that my usb stick just blinks several times or it is as if I do nothing... To make the dialog "it is safe to remove..." appears, I have to double click the icon and turn off the device (which is 3 clicks more than normal) Do you guys have this problem either? Oh.. and the second thing... In xp you could turn the usb stick off although you are opening a folder in it with windows explorer, but in vista you have to close the explorer first. Is there any way to make it like xp? Thx in advance.
  14. Hello folks, I want to change the default paper size on printing from Letter to A4. I'm using Windows XP Pro SP2. After googled a little, I found that many people can change the default by changing the setting in "Printer and Faxes", on each printer open the "Properties", in the tab "Device Setting" change every Letter to A4 or I found either that I can change the default paper size in "Printing Defaults" in the tab "Advanced". However if I open Word or Powerpoint or any other program, and print, the default paper size selected is still Letter.... I even tried to restart my notebook. What should I do to change the default paper size on printing? Thank you in advance. Martin
  15. Somehow I still get the same error message (I have check, recheck, and rerecheck to make sure there is no typo ): Type the password for \\sowo1239\pdfFactory Pro: System error 53 has occurred. The network path was not found. Is it a problem because the printer is a pdf printer (I think it might not be a real printer, maybe a program in a pc in the network...)? Another question, it seems that after restarting windows is using the old password again. Is this "net use" changing the password only for this session and using the old password again after restarting? If then actually I want to change (or rather to update) the password monthly, just as I have to change my password to login monthly. Thank you in advance.
  16. Hi, thank you for the replies. My real PC is connected to the company network. The printers are connected in this network as well, not directly to my PC. There are two network printers that I connected in my VPC. The first one doesn't have a space on it's name, and the name of the second one has a space. With the command net use \\ServerName\PrinterName /user:UserName I can supply the new password. Thank you, that works for the first printer (without space). The problem now is that the second printer's name is \\ServerName\pdfFactory Pro I tried this net use "\\ServerName\pdfFactory Pro" /user:UserName and I could supply the new password as well, but then this error message comes out: System error 53 has occured. The network path was not found. Was this caused because the name has space in it? What is the right syntax for it? Thank you in advance.
  17. Hi Jim, thank for the reply. That means every month I have to delete the printer, restart the windows, and add the printer again to change the password? Is there no better way to do this? Martin
  18. Hi, in my company, if I want to connect a network printer in my virtual PC, I will have to supply my username and password to login to my real PC. This real password has to be changed every month. How can I change the password I supplied to connect the network printer? All I can do right now is to delete the network printer, restart the computer, add the network printer, and then I can supply the new password. If I only remove and add without restarting, the old password will be used and ofcourse the access to the printer will be denied. Can someone help me please? Thank you in advance.

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