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  1. I was hoping to use the license in order to continue training for mcsa here at home, as for the sledgehammer, must be cheap cd material, never broke one before :-)
  2. Hello everyone, great great forum here, found great advice on alot of XP stuff, now I have a question for 2K3. I recently took the MCSA class and was given a promotional CD of Enterprise with a 25 seat CAL. The problem is that when I took the CD out of the plastic casing the CD broke . My question is this, I have (2) 180 Day Ent. CD's from the training books, and would like to know if I can manipulate either one to use the 25 CAL. So far I have tried to install as normal with that license and it would not accept it. I have heard that some file or files within the installation portion can depict what license the O/S is supposed to accept, is this true, if so can anyone assist? Much thanks in advance Aaron
  3. Slipstreaming VIA SerialATA Drivers

    New Member here, Thanks to GDragon :-) the unattended install works without using the F6 key. I have tried every possible way to make this work, followed the service pack for xp pro, and MS website instructions, numerous posts here on MSFN and continued until I succeded. Now the question lies within me, how is it that this works, and yet the other ways fail? Thanks to all here who post with questions, trials and success, it helps with new people like me.,