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  1. first of all my english is not very good. I think everything (animals, beings, humans, plants, things, ...) in universo has sense and cooperate each other. What sense has astral travelling for human . will be more happy, wise or what? For me. it is some missinterpreting results of our sense-organs, when we are sleeping. Our brain must empty temporary memory from garbages. How people utilize their out body experiences, are more healthy? Maybe they are more quit, no pursuing for nothing, and know recognize what is important for their lives, but i am very skeptics because our society is people retract into cconsumption circles.
  2. how can i change number of unfinished connection if tcp/ip in windows xp pro sp2. standard for pro is 10 for home 5. nlite does not change it. maybe som change in register, but i dont know.

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