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  1. It would be nice if you can post a batch-script Or a sort of howto... I'm running x64 vesrion only too. Because all my machines have at least 4 gb of ram.
  2. Any news about running Vista Media Center on Server 2008?
  3. I still can't find what's preventing it from working.. i'm quite sure we're missing something here, after the "policy" issue my RSoP (Resultant Set of Policy) is unusable. Any ideas? I still don't understand how the policies are related to the registry data Maybe an stuppid idea. But is it possible to copy and overwrite every file from Vista to Server 2008. And just copy the Registery of Vista to Server 2008 and overwrite everything? Then is must be working... If NOT, it's not possible.... I Suppose.... The regserv32.exe command... That registers some file, does he save that in the Registery :S ? I think if we test this, we get an Vista machine with some extra (not over-written) files. Everything must be the same as Windows Vista... Is this possible? And your program w-desing, is the VMWare workstation needed? When I start the wizard: "New Acquisition", I can't "browse" to the files :S
  4. Does anybody finished this project; watchting tv at server 2008 via Vista Media Center? Dexter: Do you have a newer/better version of this MCE.zip? I get an error when I want to add to the registery.... I would be gratefull if some one can tell me how to do this. I just want to use the Vista Media Center on Server 2008 to stream the Live TV to my XBOX 360 elite.....
  5. I have made my custom install dvd .... I'm a dutch man, working in a computer shop... we build the computer self to sell... but some times a custommer wants a english version of vista and the most of the times a dutch version... and the 32 bit and then 64 bit... 7 editions x 2 BIT architecturs.. x2 languages... so i try to make a install dvd with 28 !!! versions !!! on DVD-9 or a install share at the server... PS. Sorry for my bad english...

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