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  1. Spoof can you tell me how you edited yours please i may have missed something while doing this ???
  2. The "Checking Performance" screen? is located windows\system32\oobe\OOBEResources.dll
  3. sorry for the late reply it is the spwizimg.dll file
  4. i modded my start up screen ,changed the default user pictures & wallpapers and added some new sidebar gadgets,Now When I start up notepad opens with this message. "[.ShellClassInfo]LocalizedResourceName=@%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll,-21799.) Can anyone tell me how to stop this happening? Thanks as allways Buster67
  5. I still cant find the default wallpapers . I have looked in Mount\ProgramData\Microsoft\User Account Pictures but they not there ? thanks Buster67
  6. Cool thanks for the reply i have managed to change the account pictures now how do i change the default wallpapers ?
  7. Please help how do i change the default user pictures for account and desktop wallpapers are these somewhere in the Boot.wim ? Thanks Buster67
  8. Thanks for the help i uninstalled nero 7 and heypresto all is working fine now. once again thanks for the help. Buster67
  9. Please could someone help me please when i run tne WPI application i keep on getting this error message ! any ideas thanks Buster67
  10. How do i use wpi with vista ? it says Simply place this sources folder at the root of your disk. but what is the setout for this i dont understand ? thanks for any help
  11. Sorry if this in the wrong section . I have heard that microsoft reserve 20% of your bandwidth as default.is there a way that i could get this back ? Thanks Buster67
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