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  1. Tried the sysprep Idea and still have the same message. "There are no Images Available" There has to be a way to deploy a captured image via bdd 2007. Anyone have any more Ideas. M
  2. I did not use sysprep. I was trying to preserve the profiles and fingerprint settings for the local administrator accounts. I am choosing to add the machines to the domain by hand as I do not trust any automated script to touch my domain controller. Could it be that it does not recognize it as a valid image because it is not syspreped? I will try and choose the sysprep selection and see if it works. Thanks for the idea. Mark
  3. I am trying to make a image for about 40 laptops I need to deploy. I have captured the image using image x. I would like to deploy this via BDD 2007. I can deploy the image using image x /apply however, it boots up with an errorr and i have to run a repair with the vista disk to fix it. This is hokey! I want this to work correctly. Anyways I am trying to deploy this image via bdd 2007. I have deployed a fresh install just fine, however when I try to deploy the captured image I will go through all the setup prompts during setup until I come to a selection box that says There are no Images available and the install halts. I know I am missing a step. Can someone point me in the correct direction. Thanks M
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