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  1. I would also use ad-aware from: http://www.lavasoft.nu/ then i would use a reg cleaner to clear out the start up reg etries just to make sure they never come back i only have two things on statup and they are both checked love tweaking or just clear out the entries here: run regedit go to these keys and clear out entries u dont want: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce later, will
  2. NewbiesLair - http://www.newbieslair.com later, Will
  3. keygen works fine for me right now cause i'll have to wait and see untill sp1 goes finall...dont matter much since people will continue to leak serial... including me
  4. Just dont get a cheapo Kensington mine and my friends broke with 3 months. pos my regular mouse has been work perfect for 2 years
  5. yea there is not uninstall choice its lindows own setup thing though and i dont want to losse winxp if i delete the files i thought just deleteing the files would just leave winxp and then restart and then winxp should just run but i what if it doesnt then i'm f***ed... later
  6. Usa Wins Baby Go uSa yea go usa usa usa usa all the way we are going to win!! yea go usa 2-0 over Mexico go usa usa usa cya, will yea go usa we made it the Elite 8 for the first time in who knows how long go usa
  7. um um yea and the College World Series..um um...baseball sucks you get a hit once in awhile you hope and pray the ball comes your way every now and then only two god positions in baseball pitcher and catcher thats it only two players who do most of the **** work outfielding has to suck, especially on a hot day just setting in the sun getting baked praying the ball will finally come your way...lucky if u touch the ball every few hours...yea thats funny...4 hours of complete bull crap... go USA god we need a miracle
  8. anyone? help help please help me get rid of this s***...please...**** i dont want to reformat....help sos help thanks, will
  9. yea usa usa usa thank u korea we advance to round 2 yea and we usa has stoped two pks now...world cup record i blieve...yea go usa!! all the way baby...yea
  10. cool thanks a lot man looking for something like that thanks again, will
  11. Hey, Well it creates its own thing when u start up the computer. Did not change anything in AUTOEXEC.bat nor CONFIG.SYS. It also did not mess with boot.ini. Yea see i dont get it. i dont what to just delete the lindows folders and then loose everything...that would really suck... cya, will
  12. Well I only have one computer. So thats not an option. how do i unistall it without loosing xp thanks, Will
  13. well i got it installed now...i'm using fat32 by the way.. oh my god lol this is a pos cant even run **** notepad even there own mp3 player doesnt work now anyone know how to unistall it cant believe people are paying $100 to test this crap ok cya later, will'
  14. well i run lindows.exe and it then runs like its installing and says its installing file and then computer reboot and goes right into winxp again. No OS what so ever and then nothing else happens. Have not even done the real install like on lindows.com cya, Will
  15. thanks a lot starting to wonder about that thanks it worked later
  16. war59312

    SP1 info

    Well sp1 really messed up here. Darn system info and the build in firewall are dead. I mean completey dead. And I know it was sp1 cause I did a backup and checked everything before and it worked right before I installed sp1. Guess I'll be going back to normal. Funny though microsoft was suppose to block the FCKGW Corp. key. I used it and it installed perfectly. And um I've reinstalled sp1 5 times now with different keys each time and the same thing happens each time and when I delete sp1 my system info and firewall work so I know its sp1. oh well cya, Will
  17. Well sp1 at the moment sucks. why u ask? well it killed system information..not a big deal...well it also killed the build in firewall..um..guess i'll be going back..later
  18. Anyone have these dll files? snjawt11.dll and snjry11.dll thanks, Will
  19. Hey, Well can mine be this please? NewbiesLair Founder thanks, Will
  20. good job pefect now thanks, will nice banner btw
  21. See this is what it looks like on my screen: 800x600 http://www.boomspeed.com/war59312/board.JPG
  22. I dont know but its huge. Goes way off my screen. I'm using 800x600. Think you could make a script that makes it smaller a different logo for this screen size. Kinda makes the board look messed up. cya, Will ps: rc2 is out u know

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