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  1. I test again, about the network mapping, if I changed to ip address, it works. maybe something wrong with my network. but I can access the mapped the folder with computer name in explorer, I don't know why.
  2. I just tried this software, found some problems: 1. I can not map the network drive, I can map it manually and can map in the same computer, but if I try to map to a network computer, it failed. I don't know if it's the user name and password. I shared to everyone, do I still need put user name and password in the xml file? 2. about the driver database, it seems like it will create this database every time even use the same folder. I downloaded all the drivers from driverpack.net, and put them in the server computer, every time I tried install the driver from the server, it take a very long time to build the database. my suggestion is: it should have a option to use a old database, only rebuild when you add new drivers in. 3. every time the program stop at "Disabling windows device manager"(something like that), is that normal?
  3. Very smart. Actually I'm looking for some software like this for a long time. I work in a computer shop, need install a lot drivers every day, this software really helps. I have some suggestion: 1. if use uncompressed driver, it can not choose which device you want to scan, like if I unzip all the driver pack to different folder, like sound, video, lan, I would like there is a option to scan the uncompressed driver by folder. for example, I want to scan sound card, I only check the sound folder. 2. It seems like this software will scan all the device, including the one already have the correct driver. if there is a option which only scan the unknown device, that would be perfect. thanks!
  4. when install a driver, I can choose search the whole cdrom or floppy, but I can not choose the folders on my local hard drive, like c:\dirvers, if I put all my drivers into this folder, I can not choose the folder without a inf file inside. Is there any way let the windows search the hard drive? 3ks!
  5. The xp was sp2 already. there is no way to install or uninstall it. and I just need a way to reset the activation limitation.
  6. I use the sysprep tools to make a image of windows xp, for xp pro, there is a option to reset the grace period of activation. but for xp home, this option is invalid. I was wondering if there is some way I can reset the grace period in xp home edition?
  7. I'm not sure what you want to do, but we use this program, It's better and free. you run a service, let your customer download a client program, then you can control the client's machine. http://www.uvnc.com/index.html
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