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  1. Please don't ever disable the event log service - this code lives in services.exe, and can cause... interesting.... behavior with all sorts of things running as services. There's really no reason to disable this service that I can think of, either. Absolutley, I can't think of a single reason why you would want to disable this service either. It's nothing but handy. The above case was on Joe Schmoe's laptop and he apparently went hog wild attempting to speed up XP by disabling numerous services.
  2. Here's my experience ~: The Wireless Zero Configuration services was set to Automatic and the service was set to control my wireless connections. ~: I could automatically connect to my wireless router, but could not VIEW any networks via the Wireless Zero Configuration controls. ~: There was no Third Party software installed for managing wireless connections ~: Having "Automatically connect to non-preferred networks" CHECKED within the interface's driver allowed the adapter to connect to my router automatically. ~/~Having the EVENT LOG service Disabled was apparently the culprit in this situation. Having re-enabled it Wireless Zero Configuration can now view all networks that broadcast their SSID. Hope that helps someone.

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