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  1. Yea but i dont have problems during install or when i set it up i just get problems when installing lets say my webcam drivers file protection error nvidia drivers file protection error sound protection error any driver = file protection error..
  2. How can i fix the file protection error's when i use nLite to make my cd now the latest v1.4?? i get loads of file protection errors... but i wanna remove them.. how?
  3. Known issue, but it's only known to occur if you're installing non-Microsoft drivers. Have you tried a search for my posts? No. but i did do a search looked through but i don't know.. i install nVidia drivers, Soundblaster drivers, Intel chipset and network drivers after installing my windows disk..
  4. Regedit search for SFCDisable and change the value to ffffff9d restart windows I did a sfc /scannow got like 20 popups from it. but i will do what you said anyways thanks. registry i applied: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "SFCDisable"=dword:ffffff9d Restart now and when i run sfc /scannow it shouldnt display popups etc?
  5. I used the latest v1.4 beta and i still get it when i install.. when i plug in any new device i get Windows file protection error. How can i fix it?
  6. What should i untick TO REMOVE? read text on image: This is TO REMOVE the image says untick i know.
  7. Ok i will just do that on MSN Explorer, i mean i don't need it and i dont use it its just uterly waste of space and an ugly browser anyways.
  8. Doesnt this COMPLETLEY Uninstall them so they can't be installed again or does it just remove from start menu etc..?
  9. How can i remove components like them from nLite, i can't find them anywere i wanna remove em just like i do in Add/Remove windows components from add/remove apps. This just hides them not physically removes them, just removes the shortcuts from start menu etc.. anyway to do this in this way?
  10. Install ALL Drivers first before pluggin the device in, then it WILL be reconigsed

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