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  1. No I do not have USB 2.0 I can't really afford it and the computer I use is a 98 that was updated to XP so I hardly have any disk space left on it right now.. I have the XP Home edition that's all I really know right now all the other info is on that computer and I am currently on one running on Windows ME and we couldn't get iTunes on this one >.<
  2. I ahve installed all the drivers and it still wont recognize the iPod and now iTunes wont even open I am really begining to hate iAnything!!
  3. Ok so heres the deal:: My mom got an iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation for Christmas and so far it only works with my sister's,, who is off at University of Cinncinati,, laptop so we have no way fo adding music.. We didn't ahve a way to even charge it until we bought a wall adapter to charge from.. When I plug it into this computer it flashes the orange light a few times tne nothing and comes up as an unknown device.. I have tried going through all of the troubleshooting steps to try and figure this thing out but none of that worked.. Is there ANY WAY that anyone can help me fix this?? I am typically VERY good with technology but with this I am just lost>.< If you know what I can atleats try to fix it PLEASE tell me!!!!!!!v.v

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