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  1. Good afternoon to all! What a day - and what a night tonight - "my girl", Hillary will be speaking, so I will have to make this brief - can't miss the show!!! Okay, here is the deal... "overcharging people" - Take a step back, in fact, quite a few... From my point of view, it seems to me that you are under-charging people! In fact, due to your market conditions there in Vancouver, Canada - you could not charge what I charge - I'm sorry for that. Vancouver, Canada - while it is a beautiful place - is TOTALLY different than Chicago, the 3rd largest market in the United States - and the United St
  2. I have a few minutes this afternoon, I guess I will respond, since the tone has changed... Okay, where to begin? crahak - Disagree - If you are going to put together a new "sub-$500" (or any $$$$$) system for this guy, you would allow him to walk away with his old CRT Monitor (do I really have to go there?) Keyboard (full of goo, slime, black marks on keys, keys faded, drinks spilled, stains, discolored, dust trapped in-between keys, the "A" and "T" keys stick, Roller Ball Mouse get clogged up with dust, hair, goo and crap every two weeks, etc. from what year - 2001? Not to mention the incre
  3. Gentlemen, I am sorry to say that our time together has to come to a close. I have asked the "powers to be" to close this thread after my response, which will be brief... We not going anywhere with "debating" (I'm using that term loosely on all our parts) about mostly hypotheticals and points of view based on no knowledge of market, market conditions, economy, customer expectations, business philosophy, etc. If I wanted to go on vacation from Chicago to Montreal or Quebec, I could take a plane, train, boat, drive, or hitch-hike - there are many ways to go about getting there - in the end, it'
  4. You guys still haven't given up yet, have you? I mean, look at the score, if I was in YOUR shoes, I would have left the field long ago! That's Okay, I am enjoying this! Why? I have to be honest, I've learned a thing or two (from Mr. Snrub - disable via Bios - I've never thought of that!) and I am sure you have.... Let's respond to a few statements: One quick example: Dell Vostro 200 This was not a viable example, as I pointed out. You failed here - the low-end and high-end examples I pointed out are real world examples of a home-based system that I would only deal with. I'm sorry, what y
  5. You really have to stop, you are embarrassing yourself! The Dell Vostro series is for small businesses ONLY - meaning that unless he has a State Tax ID Number on file that's already been confirmed with Dell's Small Business Sales Division, he could not purchase a Vostro from Dell. Besides, what your describing is junk: http://www.pcworld.com/article/136090/dell_vostro_200.html Quote: Price When Reviewed: $1198 http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2165031,00.asp Quote: $899 Direct I would suggest going to Dell's website, clicking on "For Home - Desktops and All-In-Ones" and then click on
  6. Thanks, hey, maybe one day you will? The bottom line is that we helped speedemon86 as best we could and supplied him with more than enough information to put him down the right path to solve his Uncle's problems - whatever he decides to do with that system. Nobody debated that - some got picky on the details, some got hung up on services, or tweaking, or slimming down, or couldn't read, and some crossed the line - and now feel a bit silly they did. I wonder what speedemon86 is going to think when he comes back to these posts and reads all the hell he caused? LOL Hey, I got one for you - ca
  7. Wow-whee, Zow-whee!!! Sorry guys, I am on a different time zone than most, so I tend to get behind in all this discussion - Sooooooooo exciting! For the record - Yes, we are all "professionals" here, some more than others - this is a very "healthy debate" - with different points of view - which is good - keeping an eye on the temperature is indeed quite prudent - keep sharing - but keep that in mind... I agree with Th3_uN1Qu3 - older systems are fine - if you know how to take care of them. I ran for 9 years with Win ME on a Intel Celeron 633 Mhz with 256mb PC 100 Ram and a 14 Gig Hard Drive t
  8. You guys just want to keep here at the shop a bit longer today! Moving ahead - SP3 - If you are running XP, you should be at SP3+. Why? Because one day, most likely in the near future, (Windows 7 - 2010?) Micro$oft will announce the support cycle for SP2 will end. Most likely, they will "update" the Windows Update Site again and the folks running SP2 will not access. Like SP1 - you will no longer receive all them wonderful security updates that Micro$oft sends to us on Patch Tuesday. Also, SP3 has a few patches that fix a few outstanding bugs XP has, not to mention a few security enha
  9. I'm running XP Home SP3 fully updated - would you like to see a screen shot of my services page? Yes, a few of the services listed (3?) are "shared" with Vista, or should "only be" for Vista, but are indeed a part of SP3. These were ported back for XP. I'm sure you will want to fix that. poolsharkzz
  10. Ladies & Germs, I agreed with most of your comments until I got to the comments "debunking" the disabling of system services. Some of you folks have a lot to learn... Ummm, can you explain how it's not possible to reduce your system memory usage and CPU cycles and not gain performance? Computers 101: Any running process on your system is consuming memory and CPU cycles -- which is that much less available to anything else running on your system at any given time. You want to reduce the overall overhead, no? Running these little leeches 24/7 comes at a price -- you don't get something
  11. To all, Great, I understand: Build a solid foundation, make sure the code is completely stable and compatible with SP3 and all, keep "feature-creep" to a very low roar, and finish the project. I just see a much bigger picture and a larger role for XPize & Vize, that's all. We can bounce feature ideas off each other at a later date - no big deal - I can wait to share... "making Windows XP suck less" was my only goal and intentions - 1000% "less sucks", that is. Let's see what becomes of the final version, maybe I spoke a little too soon? I'm also very much looking forward to the new
  12. Great, enjoy some time by the pool! Not sure here but if you do not have the ability to burn CDs / DVDs for your backups with this system, I would suggest creating a free Yahoo Account and then just e-mail the photos, docs, pics, and such to that e-mail address - its temporary - after your fresh install, you can just e-mail it back to yourself using Outlook Express or simply download everything back onto the system. After cleaning up all them nasties - I would shut off System Restore, reboot, and then turn it back on to get rid of any corrupted System Restore Files - the last thing you need is
  13. Speedemon86, "Superantispyware has found 5 trojans" - ouch! After it has finished scanning, install and update AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 8.0.138: http://free.avg.com/ww.download?prd=afe Then use Spybot S&D, Ad-Aware, and Spyware Terminator - it will help! You can also install Process Explorer to find out what is running and kill off services: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinte...s/bb896653.aspx poolsharkzz
  14. Speedemon86, Great, seems like you have everything in order... Before I do a clean install, I completely disconnect everything from the case and then open it up. Being that your computer is soooooo old, there is a really good chance that you will find a whole bunch of built-up crap: dust, cat hair, dog hair, dust-bunnies, food crumbs, spider webs, dead flys, (LOL) and the like inside the case - I usually take it to the garage and GENTLY blow it out with my air-compressor at it's lowest setting - or you can use a household vacum or shop-vac to suck the crap out but be very carefull - try your
  15. Viewpoint Manager Service - is there a way he can get around it? I do not have AOL - never did - I would suggest running all the security programs I mentioned to clean out any garbage associated with it and then research via google. Oh, one last thing - After reviewing the "Windows Tips 'n' Tweaks" section of this forum, you will learn how to help speed up your shut down - if it still lags - especially after installing Comodo Firewall - try downloading the User Profile Hive Cleanup Service: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en It helps, I assure you! ctfmon.exe: go to
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