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  1. I have desktop computer. Intel P4 2.66 GHz, 1GB DDR 400 Dual channel, 80GB HDD 3Partition, nVidia GeForce Ti 4200 8x AGP, Gigabyte GA-SQ800Ultra, Leadtek TV Tuner TV2000XP. I have a Windows XP SP2 CD OEM and VLK version. May 3rd 2008, on computer with fresh Windows XP SP2 was installed and I tried to update, it's will be installed with KB898461, KB892130 and KB893803 for first time. But After restart, Windows was capable log in to desktop screen but Windows seem failed to load startup files (cursor with working in background will not stop). On computer with running Windows XP SP2 updated until April 2008 and tried to install an update on may 3rd 2008. The result was same. ERROR. And on task manager, System idle prosses always 99% usage so I can't to run a program except from Task Manager (File>New Task...). Four times I installed Windows XP SP2. If Automatic update is turn off or Not visit Windows Update site computer was healthy. I think Microsoft was sent "A Thing" and makes an error via Windows Update or Automatic Update. Has anybody have same problem with me, please share Your's eXPeriences.
  2. Perform a silent installation of Adobe CS3. http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewConten...5&sliceId=1 http://www.adobe.com/support/photoshop/ts/..._Deployment.pdf
  3. Thank's to Buletov. I have read another Anti Virus Software, But I want to try with NAV 2007 like people do with NAV 2006. And another software to make full my DVD Unattended Windows XP. Arigatou.
  4. I want to create The Unattended Windows XP but Also with My Computer settings. 1. Taskbar and Start Menu Hide Automatically. 2. I want to add Text Input and Language Service, (so I can write in japanese, korean, chinnese etc) without setting it manually. 3. I want Code Page Conversion TablesHad been checked all. I don't know how to tweak this part (I think it's on regedit). Please Tell Us.
  5. Thanks To THE GUY For hotfix, I use RunonceEX to install because I had extracted them all. Total on my configuration is 82 Updates with IE7 and WMP 11 installed. When I installed with RunOnceEX, first IE7, then WMP11 and the last all updates. after restart IE7 can't to be opened. I ever slipstreaming those hotfix with nLite but setup was stopped. What were wrong with it's.
  6. I have read How to silent installing NAV2006 and try same way to NAV2007, BUT when include it in RUNONCEEX instalattion was stopped before finalizing installation NAV2007. And cannot to continue. NAv2006 Silent Install 1. Make REG file 2. Make SFX for symlcrst.dll 3. Command RunonceEX This way have been tried To NAV2007 1. Make REG file Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symantec\CCPD-LC\KStore000008200046000b5] "Key"="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" 2. Make SFX file First copy symlcrst.dll from Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\CCPD-LC. You have to uninstall NAV from your computer so it can be copied OR set your windows explorer to "Restore previous windows explorer when windows restarted" and then before your NAV loaded, copy it HURRY, As fast you can. Path=%systemdrive%\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\CCPD-LC SavePath Silent=1 Overwrite=1 3. Make Command RunonceEX REG ADD %KEY%02 /VE /D "Installing Norton Anti Virus 2007" /f REG ADD %KEY%02 /V 1 /D "Regedit /S %CDROM%\Data\Software\NAV2007X\NavReg.reg" /f REG ADD %KEY%02 /V 2 /D "%CDROM%\Data\Software\NAV2007X\CCPD-lC.exe" /f REG ADD %KEY%02 /V 3 /D "%CDROM%\Data\Software\NAV2007X\NAVSetup.exe /O REBOOT=ReallySuppress /qb" /f REG ADD %KEY%02 /V 4 /D "taskkill.exe /F /IM symlcvc.exe" /f BUT what I have Done It's stopped. And cannot to be continued/Terminated. I changed this line REG ADD %KEY%02 /VE /D "Installing Norton Anti Virus 2007" /f REG ADD %KEY%02 /V 1 /D "Regedit /S %CDROM%\Data\Software\NAV2007X\NavReg.reg" /f REG ADD %KEY%02 /V 2 /D "%CDROM%\Data\Software\NAV2007X\CCPD-lC.exe" /f REG ADD %KEY%02 /V 3 /D "%CDROM%\Data\Software\NAV2007X\NAVSetup.exe /O /norestart /qr" /f This is Working. Please if you have a new advice, let me to know.
  7. I have made silent install for DivX Player. I use AutoIt to install it. You can copy this text and save to .au3 files. Also you have to download and rename DivXInstaller.exe to DivX.exe or you can edit this line : Run ( "DivX.exe" ) with your choise file name. This file, if you have the latest version , It's can'tbe used. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- You have delete this line : ; Update Detected WinWaitActive ( "DivX for Windows Setup" , "Updates detected!" ) Send ( "{SPACE}" ) Send ( "{DOWN}" ) Send ( "{ENTER}" ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- But I have the older version, it's work. This is if internet connection is available, so if you have the latest version, you have to delete that line. Now, 15 july 2007 The latest version of DivX Player is 6.6 build My experience was when internet connection not available, the last button (Close) when installing is finished, clicked manually. If you compile this script (.au3) / convert to .EXE with AutoIt and you include this in RunonceEX you have to delete /V 1,2,3... =========================================== ; <AUT2EXE VERSION:> ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; <AUT2EXE INCLUDE-START: E:\qwer\svcpack\DivX.au3> ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; This will install DivX Create Bundle 6.4 Run ( "DivX.exe" ) ; Language Selection WinWaitActive ( "Language selection" , "Please select the language" ) Send ( "{ENTER}" ) ; Initial Setup Screen WinWaitActive ( "DivX for Windows Setup" , "Welcome" ) Send ( "{ENTER}" ) ; License Agreement WinWaitActive ( "DivX for Windows Setup" , "License" ) Send ( "!a" ) Send ( "!n" ) ; License WinWaitActive ( "DivX for Windows Setup" , "License Agreement Addenda" ) ControlClick ( "DivX for Windows Setup" , "" , "Button4" ) Send ( "{ENTER}" ) ; Update Detected WinWaitActive ( "DivX for Windows Setup" , "Updates detected!" ) Send ( "{SPACE}" ) Send ( "{DOWN}" ) Send ( "{ENTER}" ) ; Install components WinWaitActive ( "DivX for Windows Setup" , "Choose Components" ) Send ( "{DOWN}" ) Send ( "{SPACE}" ) Send ( "{DOWN}" ) Send ( "{SPACE}" ) Send ( "{ENTER}" ) ; Install location WinWaitActive ( "DivX for Windows Setup" , "Choose Install Location" ) Send ( "{ENTER}" ) ; Do NOT install free Mozilla WinWaitActive ( "DivX for Windows Setup" , "Free!" ) Send ( "{DOWN}" ) Send ( "{ENTER}" ) ; Sign Up WinWaitActive ( "DivX for Windows Setup" , "Sign up for the DivX newsletter!" ) Send ( "{ENTER}" ) ; Installation completed WinWaitActive ( "DivX for Windows Setup" , "installed on your computer" ) Send ( "{SPACE}" ) Send ( "{ENTER}" ) ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; <AUT2EXE INCLUDE-END: E:\qwer\svcpack\DivX.au3> ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- DivXAuto.au3 DivXAuto.rar

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