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  1. I'm experiencing this topic's problem, but WMLite 2.40 didn't resolved. In my Windows XP Pro SP3 Nlite Pack I removed WMP, WMP6.4 and selected NoWmpComp. But when I try to install WMLite to use along with MPC, completing CCCP-Project, I get the error message attached and partially reproduced below: C:\Windows\System32\msdxm.ocx Unable to register the DLL/OCX: DllRegisterServer failed; code 0x80004005. Unspecified error. I'm having some similar problem when trying to install Titou2k's pack WMLite10, none of the files can be installed. I already searched over MSFN and Internet for an answer without lucky. Anyone can help? Thanks since now! LAST_SESSION.INI
  2. boooggy, you are rigth, I mean remove it from my installation! How can I do?
  3. boooggy, Arie and LeveL, this really makes sense. I'm using a downloaded version that already contains the last updates and fixes until October, applying the key of my OEM version. So probably it has WMP11 integrated too. Do you know how can I slipstream it? Thanks!
  4. Sorry but I'm a little confused. At this point of my project I am not integrating anything to my ISO, just removing things, starting from "Remove Components" task. So where this WMP 11 integration is happening? Thanks!
  5. Hi guys! I am creating my nLite version of Win XP SP2 Pro but some problems are occurring. I've removed WMP, WMP 6.4 and tried with and witout WMP compability. In both ways when my ISO is installing in a virtual machine (MS Virtual PC 2007) I get the error #1. If I click OK it ignores and keep the process. After that, when doing the first logon, the error #2 appears. When I click OK the error #3 occurs. Why I can't remove logagent.exe since WMP is removed? And why this other errors are happening? Thanks! LAST_SESSION.INI
  6. I would like to congratulate jcarle for this great tool. I have only one suggestion similar to other said before, but a little diferent: - Make possible to check which critical uptades has already been integrated to an installation; I don't know if this is feature would be unnecessary once already exist a way to do this, but I haven't discovered one yet.
  7. I don't think this is the problem.. I used a fdisk program to format and make partitions before installing it, that's why I've been looking for witch files edit! But I will try reinstall the OS. Thanks!
  8. [deXter], I don't know where you are from, but in Brazil if someone accuses me of a crime and don't have a way to prove, it is a very seriously thing. And this is what you are doing. I said I am using the LAST SESSION.INI (is was misspelled in initial post) and TWEAK.REG files to make my version. I am sure anyone here can realized that I am loading it along with nLite. But to make it easier for you, I am using a ORIGINAL PRODUCT KEY from an OEM version along a WINDOWS XP SP1 CD which was bought legally from Microsoft and adding with nLite the SP2, the hotfixes and the LAST SESSION.INI that eXPerience team made, plus mine own alterations. After all I put the TWEAK.REG file in my compilation so it can be loaded.
  9. I see that this thread is going in a wrong direction from the one it was supposed to be. Because of it I added some INFO in my original post so there will not be any reason to people say that I am using/doing ilegal stuff. The product key is not net necessary only if I remove the Windows Update engine, which I didn't. So it stills ask for validation during the install process. And I use an ORIGINAL PRODUCT KEY, the one that came with the laptop's default OS. So, there ISN'T ANY ILEGAL SOFTWARE USE. Now on I would like to keep focus on my problem. And I still hope someone can help me to make the changes I want.
  10. Hi! I have just started trying to make my own Unattended Windows version so there is a lot of things that I don't know. I am doing this based on Tiny XP Rev 06 by eXPerience's LAST SESSION.INI and TWEAK.REG files, USING MY OWN ORIGINAL WINDOWS XP KEY that came with my laptop on it, and the major problem I am having now is that after the OS installation there are ten differents user's accounts created, as you can see below in the attachment. I know some off them are default, but does not seems normal have double users! I have already edited WINNT.INF and TWEAK.REG to match my requirements, but did not find anything related to this problem inside them. I have also searched in forum and Google but without success. My hope is that someone here can tell me exactly what I have to look for and witch files I must edit! Thanks since now!

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