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  1. Windows 3.x support...

    Oh I could not resist replying to this thread. FREE! Definitely. I have a FREE copy of Windows 3.0 (and it says FREE copy on the disks.) Microsoft gave them away as promotional items. And when you bought a mouse, Logitech gave you a FREE full copy of Windows that had no serial number. The name on the disk is Logitech, not Microsoft. best regards all --bigjet
  2. Well 98Guy, that's easy to explain. It's the "EMAIL ONLY" crowd, most of who are slowly learning (or groping their way around) the Internet, and have almost no computer hardware acumen. They upgrade by buying a new machine and throwing away their old one. They are the Great Silent Majority of the Internet. We all know a few; think your uncle mike, aunt Jane and maybe mom, or even grandma. regards --bigjet
  3. PYTHON 2.6

    thanks for the reply kwibus, but the Python folks say their software is compatible with win98 (nothing about needing a kernel patch.) I tried on 98FE, 98SE, and Me. Got the same error on all. Guess their compatibility talk is bs. Python is big on Linux, in fact Gentoo is completely programmed in Python. thanks again, just thought I'd ask. --bigjet
  4. PYTHON 2.6

    Anybody got Python 2.6 (the MSI) to install on Windows 98SE? I get a "missing DLL" error message, but my MSI 2 (which Python says is required) is installed and working. Python should install from source code, but MSVC++ is required. --bigjet
  5. Hi win 3.3 user: You need to set up the CD drive in msdos first. I have been using the Oak Technology CD driver that you can find on any win 95, 98 or me emergency boot floppy. Just copy and Paste the code from the boot floppy to your config.sys file. Works great for any CD or DVD drive. I have used it on countless drives more then ten years now and it always boots the drive. Can read, but not write - I know of no burner software for win 3.1 best regards, --bigjet
  6. Windows 98 Network Puzzle

    Greetings Win98 Group: I have a Win98 home network with 3 machines (2SE, 1FE) connected by cable to a Linksys-G router. All 3 machines share files with no problems, but only 2 will connect to the Internet. The only difference I can see is, the 2 machines that connect to the Internet have an extra adapter in NetworkNeighborhood-properties listed to non-existent devices bound to TCP/IP protocols. The non-existent devices were second NICs in each machine connected to individual DSL modems for the Internet. This arrangement worked well for several years - all 3 machines shared files and connected to the Internet. When the Broadband router was installed, I yanked the second NIC out of each machine. All 3 machines removed the adapter listing from the Device Manager, but only one machine removed the adapter from "Client for Microsoft Networks" in the Network Configuration listing - the machine that wont connect to the Internet. The obvious answer is to stick the second NIC back into the machine that wont connect to the Internet; but that entails running 100 feet of Cat5 cable throughout my house to accommodate the redundant connection back to the router- not a very practical solution. Any suggestions as to what may be causing this Windows 98 odd-man-out behavior would be greatly appreciated. bigjet
  7. Wrong! What We Need Is a Good Lawyer. There are still millions of Windows 98 users world-wide, and we are being deliberately crushed by the Microsoft monopoly to force us to buy new (their) Windows software. Quite a few New York business establishments from bars to banks and everything in between still use Windows 98 because they had custom software written that is not easy-or cheap to replace. That is what the New York v. Microsoft lawsuit was about, both on the eve of the state Governor's election and Windows Vista release. The lawsuit was only an excuse to shake down Microsoft to fund Spitzer's campaign, but the feds made the bum give Bill back his truckload of cash. Millions of Win98 users can no longer sue Microsoft in New York because of this suit. You have to check with your own state representative to see if this happened TO YOU TOO. I sent in my registered letter asking to be excluded, so I am one of the few people in New York state who can still sue Microsoft over their past monopoly practices. Here's a link to explain what I'm talking about: OPEN WINDOWS best regards --bigjet
  8. new computer with win98

    LOTS OF GOOD ADVICE ABOVE, BUT SOME MISS-INFORMATION TOO. I have been running an Asus K8V-X-SE with AMD 3700 64 CPU (VIA chipset), with 1 Gig RAM, using Win 98SE ---NO PROBLEMS AT ALL FOR ALMOST A YEAR. AIW 2006 Graphis card (a mistake - not recommended with 98) Dont know where this 512 RAM limit for Win 98 came from - but it's not true. Also multi-boot MSDOS 6.2, Win 3.1, Win XP Professional 64 bit, Linux Fedora Core 6, and Centos (I'm running 4 hard drives - 2 IDE & 2 serial.) Strongly suggest you read all manufacturer's websites for driver support BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING - No Win 98 drivers: then DON'T BUY. Good Luck --bigjet
  9. How to upgrade Win 98

    As to best processor for Win 98, I have been using Asus K8v-X-SE with AMD 64 3700(754 pin) with 1 meg RAM and AIW graphics card running Win 98SE for about 9 months now with Happauge 350 hardware MPEG encoder capture card, desktop video and tons of 32 bit DVD making software installed. It all runs perfectly, except MS scandisk and defrag dont work. I'm using an alternative scan and defrag. Oh yea, ATI screwed me with their AIW 2006; their website talks about ATI's undying devotion to Windows 98 users, but after the card was bought and paid for I found out they were lying - no multimedia drivers for Win 98. Can't trust manufacturer websites anymore, post and read the feedback. best regards --bigjet