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  1. [Release] Trillian v3.1.11.0

    The answer was: So what does this mean? Right now, I again stuck with VirtualBox at the registering components stage for approx 30 minutes before turning it off. Perhaps I shouldn't integrate these add-ons? Anyone have a clue what the heck's going on ?? johndoe74, can you perhaps make an Advanced WindowsCare Personal add-on for me ? PS-- I should also try not virtualizing with only 5 GB of space on my 20 GB HD. (The entire reason for me using nLite anyway is to reinstall XP on my current disk and my new HD.) Should I just reinstall XP with only XP nLited and then make another disk with add-ons integrated? What do you guys think? Thank you guys very much. Anyway have a clue why my install is just stopping like that? Hi man XD 1) Sorry for my eng. 2) autoit have a bug in VirtualBox... in real mode many my add is perfect ... an exempol is daemon tool ,i have make a perfect addon but work only in real, in VB is bugged. 3) i have make the new Advanced WindowsCare today, u can download here : AWC NEW
  2. Advanced WindowsCare V2 (nobanner) bye
  3. Index of ALL my addons [16/10/2011]

    Ciao Rado, vieni a trovarci ogni tanto ... il nostro forum è mooooolto cresciuto. Complimenti ancora per il tuo lavoro. Hi Rado, Thanx for u work....
  4. [Release] Multimedia Mega Pack 5H3

    This is the English version, if u wanna i have italian version too.
  5. MULTIMEDIA Pack V.5H3 Download Mirror su Megaupload.com SIZE: 40,1 MB (42.139.259 byte) MD5: 0508F2E9CB263180E59848569A89BC2D BY : YZA_K Info: http://www.eng2ita.net/forum/index.php?topic=3880.0 Comment: Work on XP and VISTA, all SP. The multimedia addon is a real full media pack ... Video Audio & Internet! Is make in svcpack mode... Here The Software: [li]K-Lite Codec Pack FULL 3.9.0 [/li] [li]real_alternative 1.8.0 [/li] [li]qt_Alternative 2.5.1 [/li] [li]Winamp LITE (FINAL) [/li] [li]Flash player Activex[/li] [li]Silverlight 1.0.30401.0[/li] [li]Shockwave 1.1[/li] [li]!95% codec audio used in internet![/li] ThanX to: Onepiece,Mf3imp,Kontini,Soft,Trax,BlackMascio and all my B-tester ...
  6. MULTIMEDIA Pack V.5H3 I have move this post in : The correct post. Maybe a Mod delete this post.