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  1. [How To] Put Recycle Bin on Start Menu

    well done , thanks for sharing.
  2. In My Computer or Windows Explorer, click the icon for the program you want to add, and then drag it to the Quick Launch portion of the taskbar located next to the Start button. The icon for that program appears next to the other Quick Launch icons on the taskbar. Notes If the Quick Launch bar is not displayed, right-click an empty area on the taskbar, point to Toolbars, and then click Quick Launch. If you right-click an empty area on the taskbar and do not see the Toolbars option, click Lock the Taskbar to clear the check mark. if you want to remove any icon in the quick launch you can simply right-click on the icon itself and delete it from the quick launch i advice you to search in the help and support Center found in your system, it will help you alot. best wishes
  3. hi everyone

    thank you good luck
  4. Need advice

    I have used windows 2000 , it is not better than windows xp you have to learn how to deal with your pc. be away of anti viruses like Macafe and Norton it sucks all the processor . Kasper and AVG are Nice
  5. Some "New Folder" questions.

    I think Microsoft have sensetive codes with these names , the reason that wondows refuses this names is still unknown for me , you can name your folder con or any other names mentioned above by the way that Dexester used or simply make new folder> rename it by "con" at the same time hold the ALT bottun and press 255 . you will be allowed to have folder by this name.
  6. Boot problem

    to repair your installed copy of windows you must use the same CD u have used to install windows in your computer, if you used a different CD it wont work with you! jeremy was helpful
  7. [general] browser loading

    alot of things may cause such problem but i tell you to do two steps may help you go to RUN type : temp press ok a folder will open delete all temorary files because it makes your browsing slow. second, go to run type : prefetch also delete all files in this folder , you may make your pc run faster by going to my computer properties > advanced tape > in the preformance section click sittings> choose adjust for best performance or manually choose the last 4 boxes . try this steps there is more but tell me what will happen with you. good luck
  8. learn foreign language

    i think rpken have given you good ideas, learn italian it's nice language and easy to learn
  9. i think rapidshare and megaupload are not problem anymore there is softwares to download anytime u need it weather they allow or not! i have good experience with www.4shared.com i think it's much better
  10. What is Hacker for you?

    What is Hacker for you? hackers are the people who make big companies give their best in making good softwares and hardwares , if there is No hackers we would see very weak softwares and hardwares , if there is hackers there will be challange, I had my own forum and i say thank you to alot of hackers tried to hack me because each time they try i learn alot of new things. and learn how to make my website more secure. thank you
  11. hi everyone

    hi everyone i am interesed in computer and web development i hope to be usefull for all of you and get help when i need. thanks