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  1. Dear Forum, I have XP and had IE7 installed. I had to use some work software that didnt work well with IE7 or Firefox, so I installed Firefox, uninstalled IE7 and then downloaded IE6 via firefox to install that but when I try to run the IE6 it says that setup was unable to continue because a newer version of IE was found on my system. I have checked everywhere and cant find any sign of IE7 on my system. Can anyone give me some recommendations? Thank you very much. Cheers- GE
  2. Wow! Thanks for the quick informative reply. GE
  3. Thanks for the intel. After speaking to Toshiba by phone they say that "drivers for this computer and XP are not supported" only Vista. ?
  4. Dear Forum, I have a brand new Toshiba satellite A135-S4427 (Intel core duo, 120GB HD, & 1GBram) with Vista Premium installed. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a laptop with XP still installed that fit my budget (why do the stores like BB and OD jack up the prices of the laptops with the old OS?). My issue is that most of my very expensive programs that i use for work will not have their Vista upgrades done until August sometime. The software only runs well with XP and IE6 (not7). I know....you pay big bucks for software and its funny that its so temperamental or maybe the company should have been proactive in getting the programs up to speed...BUT they are not. So my question is, I have a good copy of XP Pro here at home. I am not a very wise computer guy so excuse my ignorance but the sales kid at BB told me that if I wiped the HD clean and installed XP on this, that the computer would not function because of missing drivers. I dont even know what a driver is exactly but can someone explain to me what i should do? What would you do in this case? Is there a place where I can go to get "said drivers"? Anyone wanna trade a new Vista laptop for a new XP laptop? hahaha Thank you for your time and have a great day. Cheers GE
  5. Dear Forum, I am using XP with the media center edition at home, all of my important work software doesnt run with Vista or IE7 installed on the computer but runs great with IE6 and XP. I installed Firefox and deleted (uninstalled IE7) from my system. Rebooted and then went to microsoft DL and DL IE6 to my computer. When I executed the file I got a pop up that said the install was canceled because a newer version of IE was found on my system. I have checked and rechecked and cant find IE7 anywhere....heck I uninstalled it. I need to install IE6 because many of the government websites I use for work will not open correctly in Firefox. Any help would be great. Thank you. GE
  6. Dear Forum, I have a Toshiba satellite A135-S4427 that is brand new. First impression....too slow, desktop too busy, cant find anything, to difficult to navigate, to parental..too many are you sures. 1. Where can I learn the new OS, best and cheapest route? 2. When I was in IE7 today i would hit a link and the new window would pop up for a second with the desired page and then disappear...it is no where to be found. Anyone know where it went? So far i dont like IE7, so many sites and software versions dont run with it. 3. Anyone know how to clean this OS up? How do I get rid of all this excess crap on my desk top and down in the lower right margin? How do I make the OS look like XP so I can actually find stuff? How do I make it stop asking me if I am sure I want to do things? Thank you very much. GE

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