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  1. Oh great! Thank you very much. I've been looking for this for a while.
  2. Sorry for late replying but i've just tried those codes above and gotten an error message at the first login to windows after uninstalling netmeeting with that code. And the message said (my windows is not english, so this may be an approximate translation ): Netmeeting has been removed. Would you like to delete the your personal data? Then passing and seeing time of the desktop was too long. Any idea? Any way not to get this message?
  3. When you click on a shortcut in "Quick Launch", it opens Quick Launch folder, not the shortcut's target folder.
  4. "Find Destination" Command

    Sorry for that, i'd done a search in forum but i couldn't find any information. Because of my poor english. I did a search just like my topic title, i mean i searched "destination" keyword so i couldn't find anything... So sorry again for this spam thread...
  5. Sorry, title must be "Find Target"... You know that if you right click on a file and choose "properties", a dialogue will open contained three tabs: General, Shortcut, Compatibility. In Shortcut tab, there is a button named "Find Target" I want an option in my right click context menu like this button's function. How can i do this or can i do this?