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  1. Here is an AutoIt script for AIMP3 silent installion.

    Autoit can't use buttons or keys in the installer, so I created a mouse clicking script. The script will click on the buttons coordinates depends on the window's position.

    You can change the setup.exe name from an ini file.


  2. Hi!

    WPI always skip one command after reboot under Win 7. I have the following commands: install SPTD driver (exe), reboot then run daemontools script (exe). I tested on several machines and none of them run the daemon script, after rebott WPI just jumped to the next app. I can't find in the log either.

    It works in Win XP.

    I still have a jumping page problem in the app selection page. Sometimes I can't acces the second page, because it's jump back to the first one. Usually I run WPI on a clean Windows XP or Seven. If I change the desktop resolution, then it's working.

  3. I always use the newest WPI version. I have found this bug around v7.0.0.

    My WPI config have 130-140 items (2 pages in 1280x1024). When I run the WPI on a brand new XP SP3 machine (all hotfix installed) and the resolution is 800x600 the the WPI always jump back to the first page after a few seconds. I didn't see this bug in 640x480 mode, but rarely in higher resolution.

    I copy the config.js from the previous version, but everything else is new. I always use the Tango theme.

    Any idea what cause this jump? It's very annoying.

    Another small bug:

    I configured several dependences and since 7.2.0 one of them isn't grayed in default.

    Both of them is unchecked in default. 'B' selectable if 'A' is checked else B is grayed but it isn't (everything else is gray only one). When I select-deselect A once then B became gray.


  4. Hi!

    I updated WPI to 7.2.0 from the previous version (I have 148 items).

    When I add or remove an item in the Config window and press Save button, the Selected item and the Item's config do not match.


    I added a new app: CCleaner then pressed Save button

    Now If I select the CCleaner from the list I get an another program's name, desc, etc. (Usually I get the last program's settings) I have to reopen the config windows, then it's working.

  5. I have the same problem with USSF. When I start the USSF from WPI, sometime overwrite the command line (or the next line) right after it started. I don't know what cause this, but I often see this bug from v6.5. Moreover I get this bug after I reboot the PC and start the USSF in the first time.

  6. I add more than 100 item to the WPI. It is working fine, expect the new 6.5.1 version. It the resolution is small (800x600) then there is 4-5 pages in the program selection. I can't use the last pages, because the WPI ALWAYS jump back to the third page. I tried on two different XP SP3 and no luck. If I changed the resolution (example 1024x768) then it worked.

  7. I would like to start a script before WPI. The script close any annoying popup during the installion. However I don't know how can I start the script. The WPI start the script, but after a reboot the script do not start. I tried the RunOnce entry.

    Anyone know how can I start this program before WPI ?

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