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  1. Just my little tupenny worth, but after a very brief visit on a french forum I found out that all you have to is open the Nero install with winrar and modify the following in the archive comment.... ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Setup=setupx.exe /SFX /SILENT /SN=****-****-****-****-****-**** /WRITE_SN /NO_UI /NOCANCEL /NOREBOOT TempMode Silent=2 Overwrite=1 Title=Nero - Nero AG same goes for the language installer as well ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Setup=Setup.exe /SFX /SILENT /NO_UI /NOCANCEL /NOREBOOT TempMode Silent=2 Overwrite=1 Title=Nero French Language Installer
  2. Auto-it for WPI howto

    Thanks a lot m8, I wasn't really thinking about compiling the scripts but if thats the way to do it, why not.....
  3. I have been having a few tiny bugs with installing certain programs from WPI(Tremendous Program by the way) and was wondering about Auto-it....??? Would Auto-it need to be installed already to use the scripts and how would I go about incorporating them into WPI. If its needed I suppose I could always make the Auto-it installer install first, that is to say as number one in the list and make all the scripts dependant of the Auto-it install. What I'm trying to say is that whenever you selected an auto-it installed application, it would select automatically the auto-it install. If this is so would someone be kind enough to write a little tut (example) to get it into my WPI. Hope I made myself clear.....
  4. Show your latest WPI.....

    At long last mine is finished. Based on the vampire - masquerade game that my son is absolutely mad about. And yes I know that there is the follow up but he prefers masquerade. Go and look...... Borrowed from loads of sources. Oh and this is not part of an UA, this is standalone as I install loads of computers and sometimes get a bit fed up with just standing and waiting to install one prog after another. The UA disk just has XP SP2 with SATA drivers integrated and nothing else. Well, here it is for anybody that is interested...... WPI_3.5.exe (7zip exe archive 3.88MB) Just for looks I added a custom cursor....... And yes there are a few little bugs that need ironing out but thats only me and my bad coding, nothing to do with WPI which is really great..... I was trying to add a little music as it installs but to no avail.....and yes I have looked all over the forum, but not really found what I want.
  5. Adware SE Pro 1.03 silent install switch

    I have created a silent installer using winrar for anyone that needs the latest version of Ad-Aware SE Professional 1.05.... included all the shortcuts, reg files and latest plugins. If you want it just send a PM Size = 6.65 Mb
  6. AVG Antivirus Scan 6.0 Free Edition

    ok here's the vb script: but it doesn't always work