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  1. >DVD Layout: >Ok, now check if your DVD layout is similar to this, if it is, everything is ok. Keep in mind that this is just a sample layout. This >ayout includes XP Pro and Server 2003, but you may add as many as you like (or as many as it fit's on DVD). > >C:\DVD\ - Multi boot DVD Source >C:\DVD\BOOT\ - CDShell folder >C:\DVD\i386\ - Windows XP Pro reduced source folder (OPTIONAL) >C:\DVD\PRO1\ - Boot folder 1 for XP Pro >C:\DVD\PRO2\ - Boot folder 2 for XP Pro >C:\DVD\3ST1\ - Boot folder 1 for Server 2003 >C:\DVD\3ST2\ - Boot folder 2 for Server 2003 >C:\DVD\SOFTWARE\SOFTWARE\ - Folder where software is placed >C:\DVD\SOFTWARE\Install.cmd - CMD file that takes care of the software installation >C:\DVD\SOFTWARE\SOFTWARE_ALL\ - Folder where software for all OSs is placed >C:\DVD\SETUP\XP\Professional\i386\CMD\RunOnce.cmd >C:\DVD\SETUP\Server2003\Standard\I386\CMD\RunOnce.cmd Hi I am kinda new at this, well not kinda new I am new. But was looking at the cd layout and was wondering if i actually need more then 1 copy of the C:\DVD\SETUP\XP\Professional folder for dif setups of xp pro? ie if i add unattended or software its all done in the pro1 pro2 etc folders and the install.cmd of course? Am i correct on this? Or do i actually have to have separate real folders for each pro version as well as the pro1 pro2 folders? Also if i have one install with hotfixes and 1 without then i def would need separate folders i think right? Sorry for all the questions but its only way i will know for sure. I kinda want one install at sp2 but want one at current hotfix lvl as well and possibly each of those with and without software as well which from waht i see above would only need 2 dif full cd's one with hotfixes and one without and do rest in pro1 2 3 and 4 etc? Also I used the sfx file to make the boot files for my pro1 folder but it does not copy the ntldr file to it so my iso would not run and gives the error I have read about where some had problems it finding ntldr. Anyway I copied it over manually and it works but thought it should be known that the sfx does not copy it. Thanks in advance
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