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  1. DEL "%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Outlook Express.lnk" To delete registry keys I use a batch file with the following code. REG DELETE HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run /v daemon.exe /f Instead of having to use registry files.

    So you intergrated the hotfixes ? But it turns into an SVCPACK ? .... wierd I thought they went straight into the install of XP not as seperate installs turing the install.
  3. Full upto date Disk.

    Does anybody have a FULL up to date built disk working, tested? including WGA, Hotfixes and WU et al. If so can you post your scripts please.

    Thanks, whats with the /b:SP2GDR at the end of the hotfixes?

    Can anybody post their latest SVCPACK please.
  6. Slipstreaming tools and forums gone!

    I find it very difficult to find what I want on these forums. The tutorials are slowly becoming irelavent. I started a new slipstream this morning and forgot a few things. Failed to find them on the forum so had to search all over. Still trying to intergrate the hotfixes with a big failier on my job (F)!!!!!! Links are dead, some of them and its just a pain.
  7. How to make Vista bootable DVD

    This does not work on the business n edition? .... I get internal errors when booting. even tested in msv2007. doesnt work at all. I will test it again...... (Windows installation has encounted an error and needs to be restarted)