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  1. Event subscription on Local Computer

    "Note: Events can also be forwarded from one event log to another event log on the local computer." - To quote Microsoft (Visual Studio 2008, Wecutil.exe). Could somebody please post an example (xml file?) of how to accomplish this as I just get an exception when I click Create Subscription in Event Viewer on a non-networked computer? I cant get the InsertImage to work so the 'Exception' error box is not here.
  2. Incorrect response to double-click file

    If i Right-Click then the correct menu appears and clicking the Internet Explorer link works; but I would still like to know how to reset the Default setting, as doing it manually (via Folder Options, etc) obviously does not work.
  3. XP SP3. When I double-click an MHTML file in Windows Explorer I am now getting this file opened in Notepad instead of Internet Explorer! I have checked Tools >Folder Options >File Types and Internet Explorer is listed as the correct program, so why does Notepad open? Which is the Registry key to check this please?
  4. I am trying to access the MyInvocation properties, specifically MyInvocation.MyCommand and have Imports System.Management.Automation set but cannot get anywhere; also I am trying to access properties of SessionState.PsVariable(get,Set) with the same negative results. Can anyone help please?
  5. eventtriggers

    Nothing has been renamed. 7 April 2009: Can somebody possibly pass this up the wire to Microsoft, as I have an application failing because it cannot now issue this command without returning an error?
  6. eventtriggers

    I have XP Pro SP3 and run a lot of eventtriggers, but since installing SP3 I cant delete them! The standard command "eventtriggers /delete /tid <xx>", where <xx> is the trigger id, now gives "ERROR: Bad variable type". How can I now delete these please? I have CIM Studio installed but cannot find them there.
  7. Windows Service: Access Denied

    (Xp Pro Sp2, Administrator account) After upgrading my regular anti-virues software, the new version renders its service incapable of being reset from Automatic to Manual. I need this setting as I run a CIM CommandLine EventConsumer which runs a script automatically on detection of Event 4201 (Network Connection) and starts this service. I do not need it running when i am not online as it just slows everything down. Presumably some Reg DWORD has been changed somewhere but can anyone tell me where to look please?
  8. creating a windows script service

    I have a script monitor starting via GPedit and running continuosly at startup monitoring all script start/end times and logging in Script Event Log. I tried using SRVANY.exe to convert to a service but get the message "...started then stopped." I have set the registry entries as per the Help file but have obviously missed something?
  9. any suggestions?

    If you have a BIOS password and want to remove it (this will reset all BIOS defaults) you must remove the internal battery (the small round one) for at least 30 minutes after which the BIOS will reset itself and the battery should then be refitted.
  10. Shutdown Event Tracker

    I have Shutdown Event Tracker enabled and have set the required Reg key to PS;200;64 Title blah blah blah ... Description blah blah .... as a Multi string value. After entering SHUTDOWN -c "test" -f -s -t 30 -d up:200:64 and looking in the System Event log after reload all is displayed correctly EXCEPT Minor Reason which just displays 0x4, ie the hex code for 64! Am i missing something somewhere?
  11. Missing Run MRU list in XP(SP2)

    Please forgive any errors as i am new to this site! I have Windows XP Pro and SP2 and have noticed that the RUN MRU list is cleared on reload! This never happened before SP2 was added, as far as i can remember. Is it possible to restore the list please? I have checked Group Policy but nothing obvious there.