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  1. There are some programs that require no activation, and I was wondering if I can just run an extractor to move them into places like C/DocsSettings/~/ApplicationSettings or C/Program Files. Also what is a good testbed for my very own edition of windows? I'm leaning towards VirtualPC but if someone says something good about something else like VMWare's (free/paid) edition I might use them too. Is there some sort of PC Emulator that emulates the hardware that you currently have?
  2. Hello everyone. I am planning on creating my own WinXp since partitionmagic ruined my partition and I fail at linux. If any of you try it, they do have a lot of programs that do the same thing, but not act the same way. Anyways... I plan on making mines with: GUI- FlyakiteOSX Registry Editor Registry Mechanic Ext3 NOD32 Acronis Daemeon Tools Objectdock Opera/Maxthon Filelock Gaim X-Chat 7-Zip uTorrent Nero Flashget Foobar2000 VLC+ AceMegaCodec/K-lite Some selected backgrounds and PNGs Irfanview Foxit I probably won't be able to do them all since some of them must be registered, and stuff, but i'll post it here if its allowed when I finish.

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